Over the years the Fan Club has held several exclusive events for its members. Below are just some of the highlights...

Well over a hundred Fan Club members were invited to attend a special "birthday" performance of The Last Ship material at New York's Public Theater on 2 October 2013.

Fan Club members were invited to attend some development performances of "The Last Ship" at the Live Theatre in Newcastle in February 2012.

Fan Club members were invited to a dress rehearsal concert ahead of Sting's European Symphonicity Tour at the Apollo Theatre in New York in April 2011.

Fan Club members attended the filming of Sting's 'If On A Winter's Night...' DVD at Durham Cathedral in September 2009.

Sting and The Police Fan Club members attended a recording of Spectacle: Elvis Costello with The Police recorded at the Apollo Theatre in New York in August 2008.

Sting and The Police Fan Club members attended a special dress rehearsal concert ahead of the opening night of The Police's world breaking Reunion Tour at GM Place in Vancouver in May 2007.


Fan Club members attended a special dress rehearsal concert ahead of the recording of Sting's 'The Journey & The Labyrinth' DVD at LSO St Lukes in London in October 2006.


Sting invited Fan Club members to attend an exclusive club show on the Broken Music tour at Irving Plaza in New York in May 2005.

Fan Club members attended a dress rehearsal concert ahead of the opening night of the Broken Music tour at the Roxy Club in Los Angeles in March 2005.

In January 2004, fan club members attended a dress rehearsal concert ahead of the opening night of the Sacred Love tour at the James L Knight Centre in Miami. 

In September 2003, Sting invited Fan Club members to an exclusive concert at the Olympia in Paris, where he previewed songs off his 'Sacred Love' album.

In September 2001, Fan Club members were invited to Sting's home near Florence to attend the recording/filming of the '...All This Time' CD and DVD. 


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Name: Jennifer Miles

Username: Hygienist

Location: Cumming, Georgia.

Been a fan since: Hearing the unique vocal qualities of Sting when he and The Police were first introduced to the United States.

Favourite Sting song: 'Fortress Around Your Heart', 'The Last Ship' and 'The Last Ship (reprise)'.

Favourite Police song: 'Bring On The Night' - along with 'When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around' (live concert blend is fantastic!).

Favourite Sting album: 'The Soul Cages'.

Favourite Police album: 'Ghost In The Machine'.

Most memorable concert: On June 10, 2013 at Chastain Park in Atlanta, Georgia, I had a "meet and greet" experience with Sting AND a front row seat! Each attendee had the opportunity to sing on stage with Sting!! Then again, on October 6th, 2013, my husband and I attended one of the ten performances of songs from The Last Ship at The Public Theater in New York City. We were surprised and delighted to be in the right place at the right time after the concert, as we met Sting AND his lovely wife Trudie! The perfect finish to a perfect evening!!!

Other favourite bands: The Robert Cray Band, Marshall Crenshaw, Bruce Springsteen, Mark Knopfler, Nick Lowe, Richard Thompson, Teddy Thompson, Robin Trower, Bonnie Raitt, Maria McKee, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Dominic Miller, Bonnie Raitt, Jack Kirbo, Aretha Franklin, The Band, John Mayer, Chris Isaak, Elvis Costello, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, Joe Jackson, Paul Carrack, Patti Austin, Marvin Gaye, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, The Black Sorrows, Bob Marley, The Hold Steady, Eric Clapton, Willy DeVille, Janis Ian, Linda Ronstadt, and many others not mentioned out of no disrespect... just so many that it is impossible to include them all here.

In your own words: As could be said of any "famous rock star" Sting has a personality that has been both celebrated and criticized. I am not one to be swayed by the opinion of critics when I am interested and moved by an artist's talents. I was so happy to take my mother to her first "rock" concert, and we saw Sting perform the Brand New Day album. She is still proudly wearing her t-shirt from the show and she loves to tell people that she has, "always been a sucker for a handsome bass player!" In my occupation as a Registered Dental Hygienist, after the necessary lessons in oral hygiene are finished, I have the pleasure of asking my patients to "open wide" as I set about cleaning their oral cavities. During this task and as a way to keep the mood a pleasant one, I have for years entertained my patients with stories of the many, many Sting concerts I have attended - both near, and very far away. For example, I was thrilled to see Sting in Paris, France at The Olympia when he introduced the 'Sacred Love' tour to the world. It was a magical night of music and the most extraordinary stage set I've ever seen at a concert! Sting is for me, a combination of all the qualities I am drawn to in a human being. There is a point of pride for me in being a fan of someone who is not known for being part of tabloid fodder, but is instead someone who is admired for his commitment to his family and for being a citizen of the world. It is refreshing to be able to engage in the act of having fun by listening to music and find that within this pleasure of listening to Sting, that he gives me many opportunities to be enlightened by his sharing of personal knowledge. He has always written lyrics in the style of someone who is unafraid of being intellectual in expression... never fearing that he may need to "dumb it down" for an audience in order for them to be able to enjoy his music. That he is constantly reinventing himself through continued study and practice, proves that he is committed to taking pride in his work and that he will consistently engage in personal growth. I was honored to be able to sit in the front row of The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California as Sting and Edin Karamazov performed the music of John Dowland in Songs From The Labyrinth. The setting was perfect and at the completion of the concert, Sting dedicated the song Message In A Bottle to "two gentlemen in the crowd" who turned out to be Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. It was reported that over this same weekend at Sting's home in Malibu, The Police agreed to a world tour! I feel as if I were part of the experience just by being in proximity to the decision! I saw The Police as a band for the first time during this reunion tour. First, in Louisville, Kentucky and then again in Atlanta, Georgia. It was fantastic to be able to experience them as a trio and I was assured by many who had seen them in their early years, that they were still on fire! Sting's collaborations with other musical talents reveals his very unselfish character, as these artists are featured and given the spotlight to showcase their own remarkable gifts. In turn, this has created various bands for Sting that have elevated his musical prowess to even greater heights. I love that his lyrics are filled with literary devices that are cleverly designed to speak to the politics of our times while cloaking those same messages in a romantic veil that lets the perfect amount of light shine through... leaving one to feel hopeful in spite of it all. I have found that I turn to Sting's music no matter what my mood. He has a catalog filled with something for every time, place and season. It was difficult to distill his lifetime of songwriting down to a few favorites, as something tells me that my favorites are yet to come!