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Sting discusses the process of selecting the songs that made the cut for the US leg!
Another Dark One
'Another Dark One' (Big Idea) - This is an example of cross-generational influence. My son (who is a bass player and DJ) has long been into Drum 'n' Bass and the sounds leaking out of his bedroom seem to have had an influence on my writing. At a couple of points the band moves into a conventional swing groove - the 1930s meeting up with the 1990s quite amicably - all this stuff is irrevocably inter-related and intertwined! - Gerry
Blues For Big Red
'Blues for Big Red' (Big Idea). This is a feature for Rod Sinclair on guitar and is an intentional replication of and homage to 1970s Blaxploitation movie soundtracks/and TV cop-show themes. - Gerry
Getting There
'Getting There' (Quartet) - One of the two non-originals on the album, this is a song by the great Mose Alison who wrote it for me although he doesn't know that! People ask me questions 'bout the way I've spent my life, Thirty years in show business, only had one wife, Of limousines and swimming pools, I didn't get my share, But I'm not downhearted, I am not downhearted, But I'm getting there! In fact he probably wrote it for all musicians of a certain age for whom the limousine/swimming pool experience is kind of an infrequent occurrence. - Gerry