Name: Sue Bett

Username: Susie-Sue

Location: Front row, attached to the barrier.

Been a fan since: I was born....well, maybe not but I don’t remember not being a fan!

Favourite Sting song: I’d probably have to say 'When We Dance'. Usually Sting follows the tried and tested ‘write an album then tour with it’ formula but this song was written for the Greatest Hits album so I heard it live before I heard the recorded version.

Favourite Police song: Based purely on The Police Tour, my favourite song each night was 'Can’t Stand Losing You'.

Favourite Sting album: The one that’s yet to be written.

Favourite Police album: I think my favourite would have to be 'Reggatta de Blanc' because it was the first album I ever bought. I discovered The Police a few months earlier so I got swept along by the excitement of this album's release and all the subsequent media coverage that came with it. I had no idea at the time just how big an impact The Police's music would have on me and my life!

Most memorable concert: Hmm, this might take a while...can I pick a few? 1. The Police, Wembley Arena, 1983 – my first front row! 2. All the Ten Summoner’s Tales shows at the RAH – I think I took up residency at the backstage door. 3. The Paramount, NYC, 1994 - Carter and I ventured across the pond to see a bunch of shows and at this particular show we spotted two empty seats close to the stage. We decided to chance our luck and sneak into them, hoping the ticket holders wouldn’t show up. Well, a few songs into the concert, just as we thought we’d got away with it, in came Trudie with Tom Hanks to a massive applause and walked straight to ‘our’ seats. It gave Sting a laugh as we had to scuttle back to our original spot (not before Carter tried to shake hands with Mr H!). 4. Mercury Falling - that’s more of a memorable tour than a memorable concert. I had just packed in my job and went on tour with my passport and a sleeping bag and didn’t come home! 5. Il Palagio, 11 September 2001 - for obvious reasons. 6. The last Police show at MSG - I’ll never ever forget that one!

Other favourite bands: Finally, an easy question – FICTION PLANE!!!

In your own words: I’ve been touring for so long it has become the most natural thing in the world to jump on a plane and travel half way round the world to see a show. I’ve met so many interesting people along the way that it isn’t unusual to just bump into people I know in the strangest places. Better yet, I’ve met many of my best friends through Sting and his music.