Name: Annette Parncutt

Username: annette17

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Been a fan since: Have been a fan since seeing the video of 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' ...followed closely by his semi naked performance in 'Dune'!

Favourite Sting song: A three way tie between 'Mad About You', 'When We Dance', and 'Ghost Story'. Having said that I really believe certain songs fit certain moments and Sting's vast repertoire gives us fans a lot of fabulous songs to choose from. Some songs are the best to drive to, some to gyrate to, and some just to lie back and eat Cadbury chocolate !

Favourite Police song: 'Synchronicity II'.

Favourite Sting album: If I had to choose only one then 'Soul Cages' for being so profound and soul stirring, but I love the mood of 'Mercury Falling' and the beautiful rich full bodied sound. Sting singing in French too ...yum!

Favourite Police album: 'Synchronicity'.

Most memorable concert: This one's easy, 2004 Madison Square Garden, as part of one of the fan club packages. We entered via the press room, had a VIP reception, then sat front row and were treated to he most amazing concert with Annie Lennox. During the intermission we met up with Dominic and had photos taken and after the concert we all got to shake everyone's hands. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

Other favourite bands: I love Annie Lennox, kd lang, Coldplay, Eagles to name but a few.

In your own words: Being a sting.com fan club member is like being part of a family, widespread and welcoming. I truly believe Sting fans are the best of the best and no one is a stranger for very long. I love contemplating where the next trip will take me and fortunately I have a very understanding husband of nearly 35 years, who not only tolerates my Sting addiction but also feeds it by allowing me the funds and the freedom to travel the globe. I am truly blessed.