Name: Timo Saajoranta

Username: Dolfo

Location: Kerava, Finland

Been a fan since: I've been a Sting fan since the night I saw 'Ten Summoner's Tales' tour concert in television from Oslo, guess it was 1993. He had been in Finland the previous night, but of course I missed it by a day… I'm living in Kerava, Finland, quite close to Helsinki.

Favourite Sting song: My all time favourite Sting song is 'Why Should I Cry For You', especially the "extended remix" version, I simply love the peacefulness of it as well as the connection to the sea. A perfect holiday for me includes relaxing at the seaside listening to Sting - and somehow it's always the soundtrack of 'The Living Sea'.

Favourite Police song: Thinking about The Police times, I think 'Wrapped Around Your Finger' is my favourite song ' - or 'Driven To Tears' - or…, it's really hard to choose.

Favourite Sting album: My favourite album is maybe 'The Soul Cages', but 'Ten Summoner's Tales' has a special place in my heart - that's the one album that made me Sting fan after all.

Favourite Police album: If I pick one album up for listening, it's probably 'Zenyatta Mondatta', but then again it might be any one of them!

Most memorable concert: The most memorable concerts for me have been the ones at London Royal Albert Hall, maybe the best of them was the second night on the "Sacred Love" tour. The RAH is of course a legendary place by itself, but the main thing is always meeting up with the other fans around the globe and the members of the band. I've met Sting couple of times over there. Another special concert to mention was the one at London's St. Lukes on the lute tour - only about three hundred people over there and a very intimate feeling.

Other favourite bands: One big thing for me is the other artists and music I've found through Sting's music - especially Dominic Miller and Chris Botti. To be honest, I've been listening much more of their music lately compared to Sting's. Actually I saw Dominic Miller few days ago in Vilnius at his concert, and had even possibility to chat with him and Rhani Krija. I can also say that I've found jazz because of Sting. The other artists which I mainly listen to are Mark Knopfler, Seal, Phil Collins, a Finnish artist called Tuomo (check him out!) and basically whatever comes into my mind - I'm almost always listening to something.

In your own words: Music is also my dearest hobby, I play bass and sing. This sounds almost ridiculous, but I also do astanga yoga (Yep, found it from Sting…). Nowadays I work as a pilot in Finland. I decided that I wanna be a pilot when I was 12 - it took me 22 years to make that dream come true so I can say: Never give up your dreams!

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