Name: Yuki Bando

Username: Spica

Location: Tokyo, Japan.

Been a fan since: I still remember the day in the summer in 1985. I discovered that the most precious person for my life was Sting when I saw that he was playing at "LIVE AID" on TV. I don't know why at the time I felt that I have already been listening to his music somewhere in my past life. The time goes by, when Sting made Dowland album, I knew by intuition that his own music was guided by Dowland beyond 400 years, I'm very happy Sting plays the lute joyfully. Maybe Sting knows it too.

Favourite Sting song: 'They Dance Alone' and 'A Thousand Years'..

Favourite Police song: 'Bring On The Night'.

Favourite Sting album: 'Nothing Like The Sun'.

Favourite Police album: 'Synchronicity'.

Most memorable concert: I counted how many times I have been to Sting's concerts since 1988, and it is over 55. Sting's performance is always tinged with the mandala’s soul, and I was especially moved by the live 'A Winter's Night' in Durham Cathedral September 2009. Two concerts were held there. I confess honestly that somehow something unknown made me feel shivery on the very first night, and I think many Sting's fan felt the same way while sitting on a cold chair, but the second night was totally different. We felt even happier surrounded by so many ancient sprits that were cherished by his solemn voice... It was a very special and precious experience in my life.'

Other favourite bands: Buena Vista Social Club.

In your own words: May peace prevail on Earth.