Name: Caroline

Username: caroguzzi

Location: France - Auvergne - Allier - Charmes.

Been a fan since: I've been a Sting fan since my brother had me brain-washed by a new band he heard on Pink-Pop - "The Police" in 1979. We slept in the same room when we were young I was obliged to listen to it. I got my first own Police cassette in 1980. I listened to it over and over and over again until the tape broke. After, I heard a recording from Sting & Eberhard Schoener (''San Francisco Waitress") Sting’s voice touched me so deeply, I didn’t understand what his words meant but his voice was so magic.

Favourite Sting song: It depends in which mood I am, I love 'Bourbon Street' and 'I Burn For You'.

Favourite Police song: 'Deathwish' and 'Bring on the Night'.

Favourite Sting album: My favourite album is 'Bring on the Night' - I love it. In the second place is 'The Soul Cages' as it is such a sensitive album and also the first concert I visited.

Favourite Police album: 'Regatta de Blanc', My first own tape of the police, It was a gift from my brother. I’ve played it a thousand times over and over again until the tape-recorder 'ate'the tape. How sad I was…

Most memorable concert: Symphonicity in Berlin. The sound check and the free concert. It was such an amazing experience. It was the first concert with my husband, he's Sting fan too now hahaha.

Other favourite bands: All bands playing blues / rock / jazzy music.

In your own words: What can I say; Sting's music is a part of my life. His voice makes me happy when I’m sad, calms me when I’m stressed, comforts me when I feel alone, assures me when I’m afraid, and makes me feel just so good. I would like to meet him one day but just to drink a beer together, relaxed.