Name: Nikki Johnson

Username: bensmom

Location: York, PA, USA

Been a fan since: 1980

Favourite Sting song: Why Should I Cry for You?

Favourite Police song: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

Favourite Sting album: Bring On The Night.

Favourite Police album: The Police Live!

Most memorable concert: Borgata July 2010, Symphonicity Tour - I was called up to dance with Sting during Desert Rose.

Other favourite bands: Dave Matthews Band, Train, John Mayer.

In your own words: A fan of The Police since I was 10 years old, hearing De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da; then listening to the live radio broadcast of the Synchronicity Tour with The Fixx in Miami 1983…first concert was Sting's solo, “Dream of the Blue Turtles” in Philadelphia. Have seen Sting in special concerts at the Beacon (for his 60th birthday) and The Public, and multiple concerts (some in the same week) for every tour since the late 90’s. Finally had the opportunity to meet Sting in 2013 for his small venue appearance to debut the soundtrack to “The Last Ship.” Was fortunate for Sting to be at an earlier showing of the Last Ship (prior to him taking over the lead from Jimmy Nail) in November 2014 and get another photo and a signed Playbill.