09.23.05 The Sting.com Fan Club DVD...

We know it has been a long time coming, but the Fan Club DVD which is being issued to second year Premium Level members has been pressed and sent to the shipping warehouse. The DVD's have started shipping.

We recognize that those of you that have been waiting for the Fan Club DVD have been extremely patient. The DVD has taken much longer for us to prepare then we imagined, but we are sure you will be pleased with the high quality and content of the final product. You can see a trailer for the "Inside Out on The Sacred Love Tour - One Year In The Life Of Sting DVD" by following the link below.

As way of saying thank you for the patience you have shown these last few months while waiting for the DVD, we are pleased to tell you that all current Premium Level members awaiting the DVD will receive two months free membership by having their current memberships automatically extended by two months. In other words, your renewal will be due two months later than you currently expect.

So, what is on the DVD? Well, we won't give you too much information as many of you will wish to discover the DVD for yourselves, but inevitably the following contains several 'spoilers' so be sure you want to read on... The DVD comprises of three main categories - "Sting", "Band" and "Photos". The Sting section is made up of five separate chapters. The first chapter is devoted to the book signings Sting did during the promotion of "Broken Music" with chapter two focusing on the opening show of the tour in Miami. Chapter three is devoted to the Musicares event and features excerpts into several of the Sting songs performed that night by the likes of John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Elton John. Chapter 4 sees Sting joined by the Black Eyed Peas both on stage in Germany and in the studio where Sting is put on the spot and finds he has to write some new lyrics for 'Englishman In New York' an hour before he is due to record with the band! All of these chapters though are just appetisers for what comes in the final chapter, "Newcastle". This chapter combines footage from several events including Sting's workshop at Newcastle College and the Variety Club dinner and we join Sting's brother Phil as he takes Sting's best friend - Simon - on a tour of Wallsend.

The second section is devoted to previously unseen band member interviews and performance footage. Rhani and Keith jam together, Donna and Joy ready themselves in the dressing rooms out in Japan, Kipper demonstrates his portable studio, Jason is joined by Herbie Hancock and talks about his input to the show and Dominic and Sting play chess with Dominic taking obvious glee from Sting's confession that he seems to be losing most of his games to his 'right-hand man'.

The third section of the DVD includes several photo gallery slide shows, all set to music, set out in four chapters - "Show", "Soundcheck", "A Day In The Life", and the "Rainforest Benefit Rehearsals". Some excellent photographs are included. The "Soundcheck" chapter is notable for being backed by some rehearsal tunes that didn't make it into the set during the tour and for the "A Day In The Life" chapter Kipper is entrusted with the camera to photograph the band on the road.

It's a fine line between giving too much detail and not enough detail, so hopefully we've struck a decent balance. Soon the DVD will be shipping out to Premium members and then we look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts on the message board.

For basic members who may decide that they wish to purchase this DVD it will be available in the store later this year.

We are now able to bring you details of membership renewals for Year 3 of the Sting.com fan club. As for the two previous years, there will be two levels of membership - basic and premium. The fees for both levels of membership will remain pegged at the same levels they have been since launch - at $45 and $65 respectively.

The difference between these two levels of membership will be:

* Premium members renewing will receive, in Spring 2006, an exclusive Sting.com DVD crammed with footage from the 'Broken Music' tour. This will include, by popular request, the Broken Music tour documentary that has been serialized in Virtual Ticket, previously unseen rehearsal and interview footage filmed in Tuscany and other material.

* New Premium members joining for the first time will receive the Sting.com Fan Club CD-ROM.

Both Basic and Premium level members will continue to have access to all parts of the website including the community area, Virtual Ticket and pre-sales for any concerts that may go on sale in the next twelve months. Basic level members will be able to purchase the exclusive CDROM and DVDs from the store, but they will also have to pay a shipping charge.

Finally, we will only be accepting new "Got A Ticket" memberships (which currently offer three months free membership) up until September 30. No further "Got a Ticket" memberships will be accepted after this date.
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