08.25.05 'Bring On The Night' DVD gets award nomination...

The 'Bring On The Night' DVD has been nominated in the 8th Annual DVD Entertainment Awards for Best Music Performance.

The first and foremost competition honoring creators and marketers of digital video recordings is back for the 8th year, as the DVD Entertainment Awards officially announces its Call for Entries.

The awards ceremony, scheduled for August 30 at Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, again will star the perennially popular Master of Ceremonies and "The Most Watched Film Critic in America" - Leonard Maltin of TV's Entertainment Tonight.

Selected by a blue-ribbon jury of technologists and journalists, the DVD Entertainment Awards are open to movie, music and game labels, distributors, producers and authoring houses vying for the coveted trophy in a wide variety of categories.

Find out more about the awards, including the other nominees at http://www.recordingmedia.org/Conferences/emx/dvdawards/index.html
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