10.17.03 Sting's iTunes Playlist...

Some of Sting's favourite music was added to Apple's iTunes celebrity playlists. The songs on the playlist and Sting's comments about the songs/artists were: The Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding) "You can't get better than Otis Redding."

Hideaway (Eric Clapton) "This was my guitar album - I learned every song note for note. Eric [Clapton] was taking and reworking ideas from people like Freddie King. When I played guitar with the Blue Turtles band I could work through cliches, but I'm no blues guitarist."

Sweet Baby James (James Taylor) "You can scratch the surface of my songs pretty lightly and you'll find someone who wanted to be James Taylor at the age of fourteen. He's also a brilliant and ridiculously underrated guitar player and blessed with a voice that could melt ice caps."

Rope Ladder to the Moon (Jack Bruce) "I was actually more keen on Jack's work after he left Cream, especially this superb record. Jack had a certain formalism that attracted me - he wasn't just a plodder. Here was a bass player who sang - which is impossible - and had a jazz sensibility. I finally had a musical role model to look up to."

The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix) "I loved Jimi's harder stuff, but this showed a much gentler and deeper side of him. I recorded a version of this with John McLaughlin, and I've never worked with such an extraordinary guitarist. His musical intelligence is just off the scale."

Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan) "I think this was one of the first videos I remember seeing. I bought the original 45. I love this song. I love the lyrics even though I never quite knew what they meant. It's a great song and he's a great artist and he really inspired me."

So What (Miles Davis) "I play 'So What' by Miles Davis almost once a week because I find it stimulating intellectually to hear those guys exploring the range of their talents. You can hear their personalities come through so clearly. A wonderful conversation between instruments."

Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (Return to Forever)
"Basically an exercise in demi-semiquavers we used to do in my old band Last Exit. I remember doing a gig with a big band and we supported Return to Forever. I had never seen anything like it!"

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
"The energy of the Sex Pistols linked with a brilliant sense of melody. Kurt used considerable musical intelligence to carefully construct statements that sounded offhand. Link that skill to powerful energies and you've got something unique. I just wish he'd seen music as a way to heal his soul. I do think he would have got to that point eventually."

Big Bottom (Spinal Tap)
"'Ow much more black could it be? None more black!"

The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen)
"The great thing about Bruce is that he's exactly as he seems, A great man. On 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' I realised very quickly reading the lyrics that he'd upped the stakes. I think it's the best record he's done."

Shaking the Tree (Peter Gabriel)
"I first met Youssou [N'Dour] with Peter several years ago when we worked together on an Amnesty tour. Both of them have such extraordinary voices and Peter has done a lot to promote world music in general and that should be acknowledged as it's been a one man crusade on his part."

Paper Sun (Traffic)
"I loved the band Traffic for their way of creating a musical universe without these boundaries, because whether it's country, pop, gospel, heavy metal or classical music, it's all a single language, a code."

Tempted (Squeeze)
"One of my favourite songs that I never wrote was 'Tempted' and I did actually cover it. It's a great song, and Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook are great songwriters, Squeeze were always a great band, and it was nice to cover it."
Sting is here. Sting is here, sitting in the chair. OK. You know, people are feeling very cool to be able to sit in the audience. Yeah, sort of vibe with you, you know? Sting sold 40 million albums with The Police and another 45 million as a solo artist. He has won 16 Grammys, and 'Every Breath You Take' is one of the most-played songs in the history of radio. He's the son of a milkman and has done pretty well for himself, and now Sting is revealing a side of himself that he's really never shared before. He has a new book. It's a memoir called 'Broken Music'. From discovering his mother's affair when he was a child to his own infidelity, there's a lot of very painful and very private stuff in this book that you wrote. So why share it with the world...?
It's Sting thing - Rocker hopes his 'love' will heal wounds: New York is a couple of years past Sept. 11, 2001, but that grim day still haunts rock icon Sting - so much so that it spurred him to return to writing much sooner than he'd planned. The prolific songwriter turns his talents to two new efforts - a record, 'Sacred Love', released last week, and his autobiography, 'Broken Music', to be published by Simon & Schuster next month...
The man who would be Sting: He's handsome. He's talented. He's rich. Perhaps it's no wonder so many people love to hate him. Is it time to think again? Because I asked him to, Sting is talking me through his jewellery. The wide silver cuff on his right wrist was a gift from a yogi. It features an inscription in Sanskrit: "I bow to thee Lord Shiva" - Shiva being the deity of yoga. The thinner bracelet on his left wrist was given to him on a recent trip to Tibet. "Actually I was in a part of Nepal," he clarifies, "so politically it wasn't Tibet, but culturally it was..."
Sting talks about his career, his music and his life: After 25 years of touring in the States, Sting is getting ready to hit the stage again. We visited a New York studio earlier this week where Sting is rehearsing for his world tour to support his 11th solo album called 'Sacred Love'...
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One is a household name with 16 Grammy Awards and a string of hit songs stretching back 25 years. The other is a rising star whose second CD has sold more copies than any album in the country over the past two weeks. You wouldn't guess that Sting and John Mayer belong to an endangered species: the male singer/songwriter as pop star...