08.17.04 Bruce Hornsby's 'Halcyon Days' released...

Three time Grammy-winner Bruce Hornsby releases 'Halcyon Days' today. Produced by Wayne Pooley (who first worked with Hornsby on 1993's Harbor Lights) and Bruce Hornsby, Halcyon Days debuted 11 new songs. Guest artists on Halcyon Days included Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Sting. Eric Clapton (guitar) and Sting (vocals) appeared with Hornsby and his band on 'Gonna Be Some Changes Made', the album's first single, and 'Halcyon Days', the haunting and plaintive title track written for his wife.

Amazon reviewed the album: "Bruce Hornsby fans have their reasons for feeling defensive these days: Despite the stylistic virtuosity and his former gig as a Dead sideman, as a piano-playing, adult-aimed popster he's in danger of being lumped in with Norah Jones and her drowsy disciples. Which may be why he brought out the heavy hitters for Halcyon Days, his ninth album and one of his best. First single "Gonna Be Some Changes Made" leads the charge on a return-to-roots odyssey that reflects both a grown-up acceptance of the way it is circa 2004 and a keep-it-real, no-caving-to-artifice spirit. Sting pitches in on vocals, his voice at times blending with Hornsby's to take on a regular-guy likeability absent in his recent work, and backing the two up on guitar is Eric Clapton, who picks up the at-ease vibe and veers it in a Hornsby-eque, no-showoffs direction. And that's just the leadoff track. Deeper in, Sir Elton John wades gently into "Dreamland," defying parents to find a cooler, more of-the-moment lullaby, and Clapton returns twice more for lead guitar duties, picking up a vocal credit on "Candy Mountain Run". Hornsby is cashing in on high-profile favors here, and they will likely serve him well in scoring new listeners. But the loyal would have been satisfied without them: Courtesy of Hornsby's characteristic wit on tracks like "What the Hell Happened" and an un-stingy share of two-handed solo piano noticeably absent on his prior album, their own halcyon days have returned."

Full track list:

1. Gonna Be Some Changes Made
2. Candy Mountain Run
3. Dreamland
4. Circus On The Moon
5. Halcyon Days
6. What The Hell Happened
7. Hooray For Tom
8. Heir Gordon
9. Mirror On The Wall
10. Song F
11. Lost In The Snow
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