01.01.05 Sting contributes track to 'Ashura' soundtrack

Sting Provides the End Theme Song for the Film 'Ashura' - A First in the Japanese Film Industry!

Shochiku is thrilled to announce that world-famous artist Sting has recorded the end theme song for the Shochiku-distributed film Ashura, which will be theatrically released across Japan on April 16, 2005. Sting recorded a rendition of the popular jazz standard 'My Funny Valentine' especially for Ashura.

During the production of Ashura, producer Hideshi Miyajima proposed an idea to Yojiro Takita - having Sting record the end theme song to the film. Director Takita enthusiastically embraced the idea. "The epic world of the film was created through the latest special effects technology. We wanted to further expand the film's universe through the music of a prominent foreign recording artist. With a story of a beautiful yet tragic romance, we felt the film should close with an emotional ballad."

Prospective songs were selected for Sting's consideration, including jazz standard 'My Funny Valentine', which has always been very popular in Japan. Sting received an English-language treatment of Ashura's story and felt 'My Funny Valentine' was the perfect choice. He then agreed to record his version of the song for the film's closing theme. Through this process, a creative first was achieved in the Japanese film industry. Recording was completed at a studio in Toronto, Canada in October of 2004 with the master tape delivered to director Takita in November. "I was very pleased that Sting specially provided music for the film, and I'm very satisfied with the completed song." At present, Takita is choosing the best imagery to complement Sting's music. During Sting's European tour this November, producer Miyajima received positive words directly from the artist - "I gathered my best people to record the song. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed film."