Messenger Bags to start shipping shortly to qualifying members...
July 07, 2009 

As previously reported this year's premium item for club members is a messenger bag. The bags have been manufactured and delivered and shipping is due to commence shortly in the following order: International orders, Canadian orders then US orders. The messenger bags will be issued to premium members who renewed between August 18, 2008 until August 17, 2009. We will let you know when shipping commences.

We cannot stress how important it is that every member check the details held in their account record to ensure that the information held there is correct. This information is be used to produce your shipping labels so please ensure you visit and check that the address fields are properly completed we can be sure your bag will be despatched correctly.

First Name - needed
Middle Initial - needed if you have one
Last Name - needed
Address 1 - i.e. 2025 High Street
Address 2 - i.e. 3rd Floor (please do not enter an alternative address!)
City - needed
State/Province - only complete this field if you live in the USA/Canada
Region - leave blank unless it's a required field in your own
country's addressing protocol (i.e. Surrey, Wiltshire)
Zip/Postal - needed
Country - needed


Jul 01, 2009

The Sage Gateshead is Five! - Kathryn Tickell and Sting to help celebrate the Sage's Fifth Birthday - Tickets on sale today...

The Sage Gateshead celebrates its Fifth Birthday this year and joining the party are Spiritualized, Northern Sinfonia, Kathryn Tickell with very special guest Sting, Evelyn Glennie and many more. Including YOU! To celebrate, The Sage Gateshead is holding a weekend of music from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th December with tickets for the Kathryn Tickell/Sting event set to go on sale via the Sage on 1 July...
Jun 21, 2009

The Musical Brain, featuring Sting, Wyclef Jean, Michael Bublé and Feist to be broadcast in the UK, June 23...

In addition to discussing his passion for music, Sting puts his own musical mind to the test when he enters an fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine to have his brain scanned. Inspired by Dr. Daniel Levitin's book, Sting undergoes tests to find out how music affects him on a physical and emotional level. Using state-of-the-art technology, THE MUSICAL BRAIN demonstrates how Sting responds to various types of music - complex and simple - and what his musical brain reveals about him...