08.03.10 Andrew Mockler releases first single/video...

Andrew Mockler, one of the students who stood in to help out Sting on vocals when he lost his voice at the Variety Club Awards back in 2004 see report at www.sting.com/news/ (and guested again at Newcastle's Sacred Love show and party at the Baltic Arts Centre in 2006 ) has his first single out this week "She Waits". Now living in New Zealand, Andrew's debut single is now available on digital sale and a video has been shot in Moscow.

Watch the video at www.youtube.com/andrewmockler and vist Andrew's website at www.andrewmockler.com/.

The song is now available for download at iTunes NZ but is also available on international iTunes storesd such as the UK and US stores and at www.amplifier.co.nz.
"I had a dream last night..." It was a glorious summer's day, beautifully hot; I was strolling along the banks of the river Thames, lost in my thoughts. I was wandering off the path slightly, my mind was soon drifting to more immediate geographical decision making concerns, how do I get to Hyde Park from here? I'd already had my caffeine fix in Covent Garden and had earlier in the day visited St Pauls Cathedral.
On July 30 PBS's Jeffrey Brown talked to Sting about moving from pop to classical and about the challenge and pleasure of re-invention. Watch the video below:
Ever since his debut solo album 'Dream of the Blue Turtles' in 1985, Sting has pushed himself to be taken as more than just a rocker. Sure the title was pretentious, but the album showed the jazz standard side of him with a new kind of singing that was more akin to pop standards, but always with his distinctive voice.
Sting plus strings equals excitement... Sting first came to Boston in late 1978 with the Police. The trio played a multinight residency at the Rat, the dingy Kenmore Square basement punk club, and stayed at a cheap Kenmore Square hotel. WBCN was making 'Roxanne' a hit that would propel its singer into the stratosphere of fame.