12.11.10 Support the Rainforest Foundation...

Protect the rainforest this holiday season.

* Donating protects 5 acres. 5 acres produces 100,000 gallons of fresh water in one year - the amount of water used by the average American over 3 years.

* Donating protects 10 acres. 10 acres of rainforest produces 28 tons of Oxygen in one year - the amount of Oxygen breathed in by 8 people in a year.

* Donating 0 protects 20 acres. 20 acres of rainforest absorbs 80 tons of CO2 in a year - the amount of CO2 emitted from burning 8,000 gallons of gas!

There is no more important gift you could give this season. And when you make a Holiday Gift donation we will send you a special certificate in recognition of the acres you are protecting.

We are proud to support this auction in aid of the Rainforest Foundation UK. Please visit www.ebay.co.uk/12days12days to bid on hundreds of holiday gifts, including a visit to Sting and Trudie Styler's Lake House in Wiltshire, UK.
This December, Sting returns to Europe to appear on major TV shows in support of his new CD/DVD release "Live in Berlin"
We are pleased to announce that Sting will extend his 'Symphonicity' world tour to include a third and final show at Tokyo's Budokan arena on Wednesday, January 19.
Sting is in a constant state of evolution, pushing himself to take risks while maintaining an almost mystical sense of self-awareness. This is one flexible man.
The confidence and star quality that makes Sting Sting are as vibrant as ever on Live In Berlin, a recording taken from the ambitious Symphonicity tour that saw Sting present a symphonic career retrospective to sellout crowds worldwide. Only a handful of performers of the rock era have had the goods to back up their reputations of greatness. Sting has always been one of them, and proves in this DVD/CD package that he still is.