12.20.10 Happy Holidays from Sting!

When Sting originally announced that he was going to tour with a full fifty piece orchestra and perform his best known songs we were a little sceptical. How could that possibly work? Well, five months in, it is apparent just how wrong we were to harbour any doubts. The "Symphonicity" shows have been spectacular successes since the tour launched in Vancouver earlier this year and have since garnered glowing accolades in the media. When we were able to attend several of the shows, we were totally blown away by the whole experience and quickly realised how short-sighted our initial scepticism had been.
Sting - Symphonicity Tour - Accompanied by an Orchestra Conducted by Steven Mercurio.
The winners of the tickets to see Sting on "Che Tempo Che Fa" in Milan on 19 December were: Angela Romano, Claudio Garavaglia, Gaia Scalvedi, Luigi Guastella, Marc Arens, Maurizio Saccani, Roberto Pezza, Tioli Elisa, Valerio Marani and Vania Murasso. They were the first ten names drawn who had correctly answered that Sting performed at the Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan on the Symphonicity tour. Thanks to everyone that entered!
Event shines spotlight on humanitarian film and music.
On December 10 Sting appeared on the Charlie Rose show in an interesting twenty minute long interview segment.