06.29.11 Sting performs with the Czech Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava...

Sting and Czech National Symphonic Orchestra seemed to know each other for ages during their Wednesday evening show in Bratislava which was a part of Sting's 'Symphonicity' tour. The Police hit 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic' from The Police's started the show at 8.15 pm and after following songs 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You' and 'This Cowboy Song' it was clear that there is a real symbiosis between Sting and Czech Symphonic Orchestra although he played with a different Orchestra just two days ago.

Combining Orchestra with rock or pop music might be a bit problematic. Czech Orchestra, conducted by Sarah Hicks, due to ingenious and sophisticated arrangements clearly avoided pathetic exaggeration and candied ornaments. Although they were equivalent partners with Sting and his band on the stage, it was obvious that Sting is the star of the show and Orchestra created some kind of soil allowing his songs to blossom.

On the other hand, Sting treated the Orchestra as a partner who helped to shift his songs in a different direction and gave them a space for a genuine presentation with a violin solo. There was a perfect harmony on the also between Sting and his musicians Dominic Miller and Ira Coleman. During the show Sting played harmonica, guitar and other instruments and added nice dances to his signing. It was really obvious he enjoyed the performance.

He started the show saying - I am really happy that I'm here for the third time in Bratislava. Later he added few words in Slovak and thanked in Slovak after songs. The biggest Sting and The Police hits like 'Roxanne', 'When We Dance', 'Fields of Gold' were played one after another during the evening and when he sang duet song 'Whenever I Say Your Name' with his vocalist Jo Lawry, it didn't hurt the song in any way.

Although there were places for sitting in the whole arena, all the people in the audience were standing, clapping and dancing during 'Every Breath You Take'. After this impressive finale Sting left the audience, however he came back to the stage to sing hits like 'Desert Rose' or 'Fragile'. The show ended with 'Message in a Bottle' which Sting sang solo playing his acoustic guitar.

(c) Pravda by Ivan Majerský (very kindly translated by Emilia Stracheova)

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Photo by Ivan Majerský
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stingcom - 06.30.11
Thanks Emilia!
Thanks Emilia for the great translation work. Glad you had a great time at the show!
Simfoninio orkestro garsai ir britų muzikos žvaigždės Stingo balsas pirmadienį užliejo Vilniaus Vingio parką - Lietuvoje dainininkas dar sykį pristatė programą 'Symphonicity'. Antrąsyk per dvylika mėnesių į Vilnių užsukęs atlikėjas lietuvius vėl gundė simfoninės muzikos ir savo populiariausių dainų deriniu. Sėkmingas Stingo eksperimentas, koncertuose pristatomas nuo praėjusių metų vidurio, publikai paliko puikų įspūdį - nors atėjusių jį išgirsti nebuvo tiek, kiek tikėtasi...
At the Salem Open Air, Sting impresses fans with his 'Symphonicities' project. Salem. Usually, when musicians take an orchestra with them on stage, alarm bells start ringing: This is what artists do, who lack new ideas, who bask in their former glory, who want to fill up their retiree's account. So the common prejudice says, and reality has proved it several times; think of the Scorpions or Kiss. And it is true: Just adding a sugar-sweet strings arrangement to some world-famous songs does not automatically make them better...

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Leipzig. Some painters, like the recently deceased Bernhard Heisig, consider their paintings never complete; secretly, they keep on working on them even in the museum. Sting is of the same kind, but with the difference that his musical overpaintings and revisions are openly celebrated. His overloading videos and compilations oeuvre tells of this: About a year ago, he released 'Symphonicities', an album recorded with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The album's concept was now transferred to more than 20 songs from both, the rawer Police - and the softer solo-years...

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The venue is filling up slowly, but that may well be caused by the fact there is only one main entrance to the hockey field, the place where tonight Mister Sting is going to perform many of his greatest hits and a few rather unknown gems of his musical portfolio. It has been raining for most of the day, but the audience members who enter the place are accompanied by the sun, fighting its way back through the clouds, on their mutual way into the Moenchengladbach Hockey Park...

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With 23 world-wide hits and an over two hour concert, on Wednesday evening Sting electrified around 8,300 fans in The Hockey Park with his 'Symphonicities' program. He delivered songs like 'Every Breath You Take' and 'Roxanne' together with the Bochum Symphony Orchestra in a classical style. The world star stands there listening almost taken, while Christine Fischer-Eisenbrand played her violin. Her delicate tones forming the intro to a worldwide hit, sung by the superstar...

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