09.13.11 Sting.com 25 Days Countdown: 20 Days

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(14) Reviews and Comments
salama - 09.14.11
Fragile is my favorite
The video is beautiful, sensitive and fragile just like the song. Simply great and touching!
salama - 09.14.11
Fragile is my favorite
The video is beautiful, sensitive and fragile just like the song. Great and touching!
mm6636 - 09.14.11
All This Time
For me, the soul cages is probably one of Stings best....there is true emotion at play on this album. All This Time is a great song and video because not only is it fun and uplifting (due in part to the clever bass line) but also introspective feel. When I have a hard day, I sometimes wish I was on that boat.
sandrad - 09.13.11
fav. video - englishman in new york
Sting is so good looking . song is just perfect and umbrella is here- soooo english
sandrad - 09.13.11
englishman in new york
I don't know why I love this video. Sting is young and good looking with that umbrella- sooo english . Just like a song
caroguzzi - 09.13.11
If I ever loose my faith in you
I like this one realy very much but there are so many I like (will be together, love is the seventh wave )
- 09.13.11
Desert Rose
My favourite video is Desert Rose! All this time is a cool video, too!
susbro - 09.13.11
Favourite Song - Fragile
This song hands down is my absolute favourite by Sting. The only thing that could make this any better is for him to sing it in Portuguese. Sadly, I have never heard him play it in Portuguese in concert. Maybe before I die that will happen. In fact, I think I know that lyrics better in Portuguese than in English. Is that bad? Thank you Sting for your brilliant songwriting mind.
Truth2099 - 09.13.11
Desert Rose
Cool song, cool video. What else to say?
stingchronicity - 09.13.11
How can we choose?
So hard to choose...'Fragile' still moves my heart every time. Makes me want to hug my loved ones and be more compassionate to everyone I meet each day. 'We'll be together' has a playful Film Noir quality that is enhanced by the quirky characters Sting plays,and it always makes me smile..and I love the few loving glances he gives beautiful Trudie in the car at the end:) But ..if I HAD to choose ONE..it would be "Brand New Day" ..it's just so Hopeful and Refreshing...if I am ever having a bad day...that one revives me, and motivates me to have a 'Brand New Day' from the moment the video/song ends.
iek - 09.13.11
favourite video
Be Still My Beating Heart, so beautiful in black and white it is one of my favourite song.
nleite - 09.13.11
Demolition Man
One of my favourites is Demolition Man. But it is wrongly uploaded on the VEVO app, it goes to If I Ever Lose My Faith.
TarAncalime - 09.13.11
Fav video: Fragile
The GEMA still locks Online videos in Germany, but Fragile is one of the best videos ever with Sting...simple, elegant and Sting does look simply wonderful with his guitar and his outfit;-)
lnjp - 09.13.11
favourite video
My favourite video is "we'll be together" in which we see Sting and Trudie together!!
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This performance of "Fragile," filmed on September 11, 2001, is dedicated to all those affected by the tragic events of that day.
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