Check out this video from Off TV in France...
March 13, 2012 

Check out this video from Off TV in France! On behalf of his 25th anniversary as a solo artist and the recently released box set, 25 Years, and The Best of 25 Years, Sting takes a moment to tell us about his song "Desert Rose."

Kara_Wolff March 14,2012
Thank You
Just read the post above from beate and found it beautiful, inspiring and a timely reminder of why we are all Love and BeLoved. How simple and yet challenging at the same time. It takes great courage to walk through life with an open heart; sharing and spreading Love. It is so worth it. Infinite gratitude to Sting for his soothing songs that indeed help heal a broken heart.
beate February 29,2012
Faith in a stubborn inside voice
I always liked this song “If I ever lose my faith in you”, but to me it does not speak about anyone. “Faith in you” is faith in this deep inside voice; a stubborn silent inside voice that makes you to never give up hope in Love and Human Kindness. No matter how cruel is life, no matter how unlucky you are, you must not become bitter and you must keep faith in Love. “If I ever lose my faith in you”, is also about Love from “L'Amour de loin” the Kaija Saariaho's opera. “The journey of the troubadour can be seen as an allegory of the yearning for the trans-sensual, for the transcendent, or for God.” To keep faith in this yearning for a higher Love. Amin Maalouf's lyrics are simple and beautiful : “It is never Love that is unworthy, it is we who are sometimes unworthy of Love. It is never Love that betrays us, but we who betray Love.” There is pain when one is betrayed, when Love is betrayed. There is also much pain around the world when Human Kindness is betrayed. There are many reasons for one to lose faith in Love and Human Kindness. My history as listener of Sting's songs is connected with my history of failures and broken hearts. When I feel really good I do not listen to music for I have my own inside. Sorry. When I feel melancholic or sad, I listen to music. Music heals me. When I feel very bad I listen to some Sting's songs. Sorry. They are part of my emergency medicine set. His voice works as painkiller. When I feel even worse, when the painkiller does not work anymore I listen to Tom Waits, Billie Holiday or Elis Regina. If I ever lose my faith in you - Love and Human Kindness – There'd be nothing left for me to do. Hope in a higher Love is what make us still alive. “If I ever lose my faith in you”, “Whenever I say your name”, “A thousand years” and “The Dead Man's Rope” are the same song to me. They are about the same yearning for a higher Love whom we can feel when we find someone really connected with us. All those songs are about to keep walking through life and never give up faith in Love. It is how I understand those songs.


Mar 12, 2012

New US Performance Confirmed this Summer in Lewiston...

On Tuesday, June 12, Sting will perform in Lewiston, NY! The outdoor concert will be held at the Artpark, a unique and picturesque New York State park along the Niagara River. Fan Club presales will begin at 10AM (local time) tomorrow, March 13. Tickets will go on sale to the public Friday, March 16 at 10AM...
Mar 11, 2012

Sting ran away from his home town, Newcastle, to become a megastar, marry Trudie Styler and have six children. And now he's gone back home. The Times' Chrissey Iley joins him for the ride...

On the streets of Newcastle, Sting's home town and mine, the taxi drivers love him. They like him because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. They can joke with him, they say, and reminisce. He's a generous tipper, too. Match that with the multimillionaire whose life revolves between homes in Wiltshire, New York, Tuscany and Malibu. The rock star who likes to talk about the intricacies of Tantric sex and pose topless with Trudie Styler, his wife and mother of four of his six children. The environmentalist famous for saving rainforests and offsetting his rather large carbon footprint. You get a picture of a complicated individual...