03.02.12 Official Sting.com Members T-Shirt Selected!

For the last few weeks, you've been voting on designs for an exclusive Sting.com fan club t-shirt that members will receive as part of the updated 2012 membership package.

The results are in and it was a very close race…we are pleased to announce that the grey "Gradient" Labyrinth design is the winner!

For the record, the breakdown was:

Grey Gradient Labyrinth 31.66%
Gold Labyrinth 30.31%
Lavender Labyrinth 29.54%
Text Labyrinth 8.49%

We will soon be contacting members via email for the opportunity to select your preferred size and style (regular fit vs. fitted/babydoll) t-shirt.

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks, and thanks to everyone who voted!
(17) Reviews and Comments
stingcom - 10.06.12
Shirt Queries
Go to http://sting.com/help/index/ select Fan Club Shirt and submit details of your query. Customer Services will then get back to you.
magpie10 - 10.06.12
missing shirt
still waiting for the email to chose size etc.
claire - 07.12.12
Sting members shirts
I have my shirts at home already. They are so beautiful. Thank you Sting.com, great gift!!
claire - 06.12.12
Sting members shirts
I haven´t received mine yet. I also bought one for my husband but the order was refused. Please help me. Thank you.
claire - 06.12.12
Sting members shirts
I haven´t received mine yet. I also bought one for my husband but the order was refused. Please, help me. Thank you.
AMS419 - 03.06.12
Oh well
I voted for the Gold :( but I guess a more neutral color makes sense. Thanks for the opportunity to vote!
miss_jayney1 - 03.05.12
Like it
Did like the lavender. Really like grey and white though and they are two colours I like to wear.
TarAncalime - 03.05.12
Ok choice
I voted for lavender but anyway...that is democracy for you. I won't nag;-)
lnjp - 03.04.12
I made a mistake when I voted ..... is it possible to buy the lavender one ??
soulcage62 - 03.04.12
love grey t shirts
ktyfromsouthfrance - 03.04.12
This One is not the one I vote for
.. But this SUR be a great Gift.... Thank You Sting.com ;)))))
ahlehner - 03.03.12
Well, any t - shirt is a sweet t-shirt. Happy happy joy joy. Love love thanks and cheers...
annette17 - 03.03.12
We can learn to love
Ok we will look pretty nondescript, but nearly a third of our members will be happy. It's time to accessorise fellow labyrinth dwellers!!
bewitched - 03.03.12
So sad!
Can you at least offer the lavender version in the merchandise store? I really, really wanted the lavender shirt. Congrats to those who got the shirt they voted for.
riekie - 03.02.12
Sting-com members T-shirt
I am so sorry the lavender one did not win! Now we look like a big bunch of grey mouses and searching for fellow fans will be like walking in a Labyrinth. Congrats for the winners! Riekie
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