03.19.12 Back To Bass Hits London

In London for 3 nights, the band played to a packed house on Monday night at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo!

Check out the full list of spring and summer dates and ticket info on the tour page.

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lurch - 03.21.12
25 Year Vintage
Class Act, Class Set, took my two teenage daughters to their first Sting concert, they were blown away!
osgabaixinha - 03.20.12
What a performance, and what a group ... Venice and Symphonicity Tour was a ungorgettable show. Its amaizing the way that this concert "back to bass" can be so different and so good. Only the most consistent music of the last decades can performe this quality. I wait you in June in Oeiras-Portugal. Now i play at home :)
A single spotlight, above a microphone centre stage, forms the eerie backdrop to tonight's show, with the seated crowd waiting in anticipation induced silence. The sixteen time Grammy Award winner may be sixty years of age these days, but he shows no sign of slowing down with his hectic touring schedule around the globe. With his 5-piece backing band sneaking into place to start up the show with 'All This Time', it's not long before Sting strides on stage, bass in hand and a wide smile. The lyricly dark track, combined with uplifting instrumentals, a conflict which forms much of the songwriters work, has fans whooping along, and it's just the start of showcasing the skills of his incredible backing band...

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On Saturday, June 30, Sting will perform at the Estadio Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez in Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain! For this concert, he will be joined by a 5-piece band including Dominic Miller (guitarist), David Sancious (keyboards), Vinnie Colauita (drums), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle), and Jo Lawry (vocals). Fan Club presales begin at 10AM (local time) tomorrow, March 16. Tickets will go on sale to the public Monday, March 19 at 10AM (local time).

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The band hits Paris for 2 shows! Check out the full list of spring and summer dates and ticket info on the tour page.

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Sting.com Member Exclusive: Check out two new clips featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the Back to Bass tour! The first clip is of Sting with Danny Quatrochi and the second clip, Sting discusses the 'occasional' table that is up on stage.

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