05.24.12 Sting and Vince Gill teamed up to perform their hits together live in New York...

Sting and Vince Gill teamed up to perform their hits together live in New York. Watch now on VEVO and let us know in the comments which is your favorite!

Every Breath You Take

Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away

These Days

Whenever You Come Around

Let It Be Me

Shape Of My Heart

Fields Of Gold

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

Liza Jane
(12) Reviews and Comments
caroguzzi - 06.01.12
Unfortunately you cannot view these videos :o(
surpata - 05.31.12
Nothing But A
Grey Blank Screen, and I'm in the U.S.
lilybright - 05.27.12
"not available in your region"....
nina4sting - 05.25.12
yep not available in Germany :-(
miss_jayney1 - 05.25.12
Still no luck
Yes it just skips to another song every time, after you have watched the very annoying 30 second advert each time...Hope we get to see them another way in the UK. :-(
miss_jayney1 - 05.25.12
No luck
Well I am in the UK and I clicked on Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin Away.. and I got Joe Cocker singing You Are So Beautiful on the VEVO..?!! Then I did see the Sting song on the bottom of the screen, so I clicked on it again and tried to load that up, but it wanted to play Joe Cocker again..! Gave up with that and tried Whenever You Come Around, and I got Dire Straits, then comes on Desert Rose (Sting obviously!) ... but anyway... had no luck trying to watch any of the above. I'll try a few more times..!
arpeggio - 05.24.12
I could say I love them all
...and I do--but I especially loved Fields of Gold, Whenever you Come Around, and Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away. I've listened to Vince Gill for years and always hoped the day would come when Sting and he would sing together. I was lucky enough to be there...I'll never forget it. Thanks again. ~Arpeggio
blueiiis - 05.24.12
oh, yes, i forgot
my favorite is these days
blueiiis - 05.24.12
that was very beautiful
that was lovely
mikeii - 05.24.12
Unfortunately you cannot view these videos from the UK!
nleite - 05.24.12
"Sorry! The page you are looking for is not available in your region." :-(
jessiew - 05.24.12
Every Breath You Take
Skips to another song just as they start to play. What an amazing experience that was!!
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