05.29.12 Music is Great Britain

"I can remember the exact moment when I first heard The Beatles. I was 11 years old but I recognised immediately that their sound was something significant. The Beatles had a huge influence on my early life, and the fact that my musical heroes came from a similar background to my own gave me and an entire generation of musicians the confidence and permission to follow our dreams. From The Beatles to the jobbing musicians who play in the pubs and clubs up and down the country every week, Britain has a strong and vibrant musical heritage which is truly great." - Sting

Please visit Facebook.com/MusicisGREATBritain - a celebration of the best of British Music – to check out some of the most memorable live music moments in the UK and discover what makes British music so special.
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Sting and Vince Gill teamed up to perform their hits together live in New York. Watch now on VEVO and let us know in the comments which is your favorite!

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In honor of both Amnesty International's and Bob Dylan's birthdays this
week, you can download any track, including Sting's "Girl From The North
Country," from the Chimes Of Freedom album for a limited time special price. Please visit www.iTunes.com/ChimesOfFreedom to view the complete track listing and support this great cause!
Sting.com Member Exclusive: Check out the latest video in Virtual Ticket, featuring a rousing performance of "Demolition Man" filmed along the 2011 – 2012 Back to Bass tour.

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