09.09.12 Back To Bass Fall Tour 2012: Sting to Perform in Hong Kong and Singapore...

For the first time in 5 years, Sting will perform in Hong Kong and Singapore! The Back to Bass tour will stop at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on December 2 and at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on December 13. For both concerts, Sting will be joined by a band featuring Dominic Miller (guitar), David Sancious (keyboards), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle) and Jo Lawry (vocals), performing his most celebrated songs, stripped down. Members of the Sting.com Fan Club will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the general public. Fan Club presales begin at 10AM (local time) tomorrow, September 11. Tickets for the Hong Kong performance will go on sale to the public Thursday, September 13 at 10AM (local time). Tickets for the Singapore concert will go on sale Friday, September 14 at 10AM (local time).
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ChrisApple - 09.27.12
Seoul would love to have Sting!
My wish- Sting comes to Seoul, South Korea!! Would be fantastic! The last time we saw Sting was in the mid-90's in Raleigh, North Carolina......Seoul is waiting for you - Sting..... All the best. Christine
santiago124 - 09.24.12
Mr. Sumner, I am so happy and excited to know that after almost 20 years , you are returning to Manila! I will never forget your concert then at the University of Life in Pasig city where 2 songs into the concert you halted your gig and graciously announced that you couldnt bear to continue playing when you knew that a long queue of fans were still out waiting to get in... after a 15 to 20 mins break which no one minded at all for the sake of the fans who came to see you ....soon after you were cued twas ok..YOU JUST ROCKED ON!! Awesome! On Dec 9, I am watching you once again but with my 19 old son Piero who was introduced to your music while in the womb and had been tuned to Sting up until 4 or 5 as I would always have your albums playing at home, in my car and sing( Bourbon St)among many of yours and The Police's best as he slept. He has grown up to be a musician/song-writer too...and I wouldnt let this Manila Concert pass without letting him see you in person!! We will be rockin with you from ROW U-Seats 11 & 12 and I wish you and your band/staff a safe journey to and from your Back to Bass Tour destinations and elsewhere you gift your fans of your great music!! As we say in the Philippines.."MABUHAY! or Long Live Sting!! till the 9th of December...Stay safe Sir! Yours truly, James & Piero
stingcom - 09.12.12
Yes, you need to be a paid member to access the password. However, the presale has now finished.
rsbeninatto - 09.11.12
Wrong Password
Do we need to be a paid member of the fan club to get the password? Thanks
Veroniha - 09.11.12
Sting will be in Hong Kong
I have been waiting Sting be in Asia for long. So great! I have got 2 tickets. Sting See you in Hong Kong
stingcom - 09.10.12
You are entering the wrong pass code. If you are a paid member of the fan club you need to login to the website and visit the tour page. Then follow the instructions near the top of the page where you will find the pass code to use.
Veroniha - 09.10.12
Password is wrong!
I have browsed the webpage of the HK ticketing office and they asked me to put my password - I think it should be my log-in password of the Fan club. But it says "wrong password"!!! How come? How can I purchase tickets on the web???
Two concerts in Russia are now confirmed for Sting's upcoming Back to Bass tour! On November 23, he will perform at the Basket Hall in Krasnodar and on November 24, at the Palace of Sport in Rostov-on-Don, joined by a 5-piece band featuring Dominic Miller (guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), David Sancious (keyboard), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle), and Jo Lawry (vocals). Tickets will be available beginning Monday, September 10 at 10AM (local time). Stay tuned to Sting.com over the coming days, as additional cities will be announced soon!

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On November 26, 2012, Sting will perform at the Atakoy Athletizm Arena in Istanbul, joined by a 5-piece band including Dominic Miller (guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), David Sancious (keyboards), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle), and Jo Lawry (vocals). Members of the Sting.com Fan Club will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the general public. Fan Club presales begin at 10AM (local time) Friday, August 31. Tickets will go on sale to the public Monday, September 3 at 11AM (local time). Additional cities will be announced over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon!

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