02.01.05 'Broken Music' Paperback release...

"A first-rate memoir... engrossing...ith writing that is both witty and refreshingly self-deprecating, this book has pleasures that extend well beyond interest in the man's music alone..." - People Magazine

"This remarkably candid memoir is meticulously composed and exquisitely detail... Sting's gift for prose and reverence for language, nearly equal of his musical gifts, shine on every page." - Rolling Stone

"Sting mixes tenderness, sadness and humour in his narrative, indulging readers with the same style of descriptive, pensive words that characterize his son... Even readers unfamiliar with Sting's music will find the book compelling." - Associated Press

"An engaging, lucidly written reminisce... intellectually vigorous... elegant and thoughtful." - Entertainment Weekly

'Broken Music', the acclaimed New York Times bestselling memoir by Sting, the world-renowned and award-winning songwriter, singer, and human rights activist, will now be published as a Delta Trade Paperback on February 1, 2005. Originally published as a Dial Press Hardcover in the fall of 2003 when it made instant international headlines and topped bestseller lists, 'Broken Music' explores Sting's early years, as he writes, "the early part of my life from childhood through adolescence... A story very few people know." In his memoir, Sting shares for the first time "specific moments, certain people and relationships, and particular events which still resonate powerfully for me as I try and understand the child I was and the man I became."

In 'Broken Music', Sting writes, "Having been a songwriter most of my life, condensing my ideas and emotions into short rhyming couplets and setting them to music, I had never really considered writing a book, but upon arriving at age fifty, I found myself drawn, for the first time, to write long passages that were as stimulating and intriguing to me as any songwriting I had ever done." Sting shares how he discovered the joy, the freedom and the escape that music gave him as a child. He writes of the isolation he felt within his family and in his working class town of Newcastle as the son of a milkman and beautiful but aloof mother. He writes of his budding dreams of a life as musician which he pursued compulsively while making money as a teacher. Sting writes of becoming a member of his first band and the thrill of playing music in front of an audience. We also learn of his early efforts at song writing and singing, and his first encounters with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, who would form with him, The Police, one of the most influential bands of the 1980s.

Poignant, breathtakingly honest, and as beautifully written as the songs and music for which he is acclaimed, 'Broken Music' is the remarkable early journey of one of the most successful, creative and talented songwriters and singers of all time.
Sacred Star: It pays to be patient. And a good dose of perseverance helps to get things done, too. Several calls to Singapore concert promoters to interview their 'stars on the road' finally came to fruit. There had been no go with the Rolling Stones, two years ago, and the same went for the Eagles, late last year. Time constraints ruled the road...