05.18.05 Sting fires up Irving Plaza...

Here are a few of your comments about the Irving Plaza show which help give a real flavour of the day! We've had to edit a few for length so hope you don't mind...

"The setlist was identical to the past few shows, except 'Every Breath You Take' was pulled. This was definitely planned in advance (and not during the heatwave) as the setlist I saw at the end had EBYT taped over and was not included at all. I got to meet lots of people on line. Also got to see lots of old Sting friends. Fiction Plane came on. They rocked... Flat out rocked. Their drummer was really good also. I could see this turning into the Joe Sumner band very easily though. I don't know their behind the scenes stuff, but Joe is the main attraction as far as I'm concerned. Not sure of there setlist, but it rocked!! Don't know how Joe can sing, play an instrument, and flail around the stage like that, AND make those contorted faces... I couldn't even dance and sing at the same time last night!!

After a short break, Sting came on. The joint was crazy from the first note on. No surprises at all. No extra songs, no guests. BUT, it was the most high energy show I've seen in a really long time from Sting. Josh Freese seemed really juiced. Dominic seemed like he was inside his head the night. Before 'A Day In The Life', he had this glazed look. Almost as if he was clearing his head from the kick ass rock song 30 seconds ago, to prepare himself for this incredible!! version of 'A Day In The Life'. Totally somber and grabbing in the beginning, then fun and playful, then with a crescendo that seemed longer and louder than any of the others so far.

The show was not perfect by any means. Some flubs as mentioned already. I really wished we all shouted "My Sharona" in advance of Sting to tease him about using the same lines every night. I couldn't do a show like this every night. I'd be in really good shape if I did. I was dancing, jumping, really going crazy. It was really wonderful. All of us fed off of each other and had a fun time. For once, people didn't seem antsy about spots once inside, except for a few people that couldn't see over me. Hope it worked out for you guys. Sorry I'm tall, but I really wanted to be in front and waited ALL DAY to get in. I was technically 2nd row, with Wanda in front of me, but it really worked out just fine." - Josh

"Oh, where to begin? At the beginning? First, I apologize for grammatical, typographical or other errors - there is "Too Much Information running through my brain..." At around 7:35 after many stories and shared coffees / waters / newspapers / magazines to read / sit on, we were allowed inside. And as you've heard, although we were among the first 40 or so people through the door, there was a crowd 3-4 deep as we approached the front of the room. No matter. Mike (who is 6'3") moved to the back of the room and I stood my ground, near Josh and his lovely fiance,and Mike and Amy from London (you guys are GREAT fun) and we waited.And waited. Our feet were killing us, it was like 100 degrees and some people NEEDED a bathroom break, but we hung on tight, and because some tall boys were nice, ended up 2 or three people from the stage. You've already heard so much, I won't keep going on and on,well, just a little... so here are a few highlights:

- During Fiction Plane's set, Amy said "Look, Sting is up there" and pointed to the front balcony, to our right. Sure enough, You could barely see Sting, laying low, next to Trudie, watching his son perform. It was very sweet. Just a dad, watching his kid. At that point we also noticed Mickey Sumner, David Bowie, and Nicole Kidman. Pretty cool. We waved to Trudie at al, and at one point, she blew a kiss to the crowd below.

- When Sting forgot a line from King of Pain, we were all singing along and he realized WE knew the words, although HE had forgotten them - he made a motion like "oh, okay good, you guys know it!" and the line was "there's a blue whale beached in a spring tide's ebb", if memory serves me.

- The opening notes of Roxanne caused an uproar (of course) and we sang the whole first two verses - Sting again stood back and motioned for us to sing it - it will be a really cool part of the dvd if it comes out. Of course, for me, the glowsticks were neat too.

- Perhaps the best part for me was after the show. I went to the stage door to try and catch a glimpse, photo, whatever. The boys from Fiction Plane were out first, and they were carting their own equiptment. When someone noticed that and said it out loud, one of the guys said "yeah, because we're poor" and I shouted back "Not for long!" This is one terrific band and Joe is INCREDIBLE as a front man. Runs in the family I guess.

- Next out were a bunch of miscellaneous other people, and you just knew some of them were famous and fabulous but you didn't exactly know why. Then came David Bowie, rock icon, shyly ducking his head and seeming to dissapear into the night. He was with a beautiful young blonde woman (his daughter?)

- Next out was Katie Couric, and I didn't even know she had been there, and I guess because she is so familiar looking I just said "Hi Katie! Did you enjoy the show?" And she stopped, looked right at me, gave me a big smile and said "YEAH! Did you?" And I said "YES!" and she said "Great!" and was on her way. Very nice exchange.

- Finally, after a while longer, Dominic emerged. He stopped to greet some fans, and I called his name and said "Hi Dominic! Did the baby like the book?" (Referring to the gift I had brought for Pablo in London) He stopped, and turned to me and said "Fanny! she's the one who gave us the book" and Fanny stuck out her hand to shake mine and said "Oh, thank you!" and Dominic said "This is Fanny" and I said "It's so nice to meet you" and she said "Thank you!" and I thanked both of them again. Lovely.

- At long last, Sting emerged with Trudie. They were absolutely GORGEOUS. Security made it nearly impossible from where I was standing to even really see him, although he couldn't have been more than a few feet away. So - sorry this is so long. I didn't want to forget anything. It was magical and I wish you all could have been there too." - Kerry

"The energy of the show was incredibly awesome! It was an amazing thing to be part of, all that energy, all those TRUE fans, all the singing along, all the dancing and jumping and screaming. It was awesome. LOVED the fact that Sting let us sing the first two verses of 'Roxanne' without him! I was standing right in front of the centre of the mixing board, and for those of you who mentioned the sound was a bit "off", I think it might have been the venue. The sound from where I stood was crystal clear and I could hear everyone perfectly, including Dom's and Shayne's voices, and Shayne's harmonica playing.

Another note of interest is that I was standing beside a musician who would not tell anyone who he was or what band he was with, but he opened for the Police, he's opened for U2, and he rattled off a ton of other major bands he had toured with in the 80's and 90's. He had a pass for the balcony but he was saying that the best spot in the house is in front of the mixing board! (made me feel smug!!) He is a good friend of Dom's, had breakfast with him that day. He also knew Shayne but not as well as Dom. Getting his insider perspective was really neat, a bonus to the evening.

Joe is SO much like his Dad, it is insane! It is like watching a younger clone of Sting. Same mannerisms, same dance style, same facial expressions. Their music was rockin' and they were very fun to watch. This show has definitely made a lot of Fiction Plane fans out of us! I didn't spend much time talking to fellow fans, but I just have to say that all true Sting fans ROCK. Everyone was so friendly and polite and CHARGED with energy. The fact that there was a big group of us there totally made this show the experience that it was. Loved it." - Lee.Fraser

"Just to add to the thanks for a great day thanks to Tina, Dave and Wendy, you rock! It was great being with the Sting die hards, I was there at 8am and got first on line, believe me I was shocked at this, I woke up late and was in a panic going downtown, but soon I was being joined by familiar faces, Fred, Andrea, Sue, Eric, Andy, etc. We had a fun time waiting, the last 15 minutes being the most agonizing, which way to go once we got in, well we were told to turn right and go upstairs. I was first in, but there were only about 10 spots upfront at the barrier, there being people already in there with passes, but i managed to secure my spot at the barrier in front of Sting, it certainly was a hot place, and after standing over 11 hrs. and not drinking my tongue felt like a desert! But who cared, we were all so happy to be there, there was a little skirmish with a couple of the vips after Fiction Planes's set, but they couldn't take the pressure and were off, leaving space for some of the true fans to get to the barrier. Sting and the band were great, the stage was so small, it was pretty awesome. I remember the guy who needed a ticket, but didn't know that she's the one who got up to sing, she certainly didn't know the words, but i think despite that it added a bit of spontaneity to the show. By the end my throat was parched and I had to get a drink, strangely despite a hectic and physically challenging 2 days, I wasn't tired, and managed to stay awake on the train home. It was a great ending to the tour, and once again thanks to the crew at Sting.com, Ultrastar, and of course Sting and the band." - Wanstone

"Fiction Plane opened and impressed. After their set, several people around me remarked how many mannerisms Joe seems to have in common with his father. That is true, to be sure, but he's clearly a very talented singer and musician in his own right, and frontman for a very tight, energetic band. Their 40 minute set was full of smart, catchy rock tunes - I'm not as familiar with their music as some, such as Chatty Kathy (who I was sorry not to see tonight), but after seeing them live, I'm certainly going to be looking into hearing more. Sting took the stage just after 9:00 pm and played a set identical to last night's, minus 'Every Breath You Take'. He was once again in fine form, although I don't think he did a jump off the drum mount... well, we got two or three of them last night, plus a couple more from his son in the opener, so I think that satisfies the quota... I wish he had played 'Soul Cages' all the way through and not just let it be a teaser into 'King of Pain', but it was another great night of music! If the aim of the tour was for Sting to rediscover his roots, to me, it came off as a genuine success. As an admirer of his music, it's a thrill to see him look like he's enjoying himself onstage, re-inventing newer songs, re-visiting older ones and continuing to captivate his audience. I'm very much looking forward to whatever lies ahead in his career." - spfarrell

"Fiction Plane rocked. Joe is so much like his father. And it was cool to watch Trudie and Sting in the balcony watching his band. Davie Bowie was sitting near them as well. Sting came on around 9:15 and played until a little after 10:30. Set list almost identical to last night at Jones Beach, although no 'Every Breath You Take'. Still, there was so much more energy in the room. How nice to be amongst real fans who know the music, all singing along and dancing. And rather than freezing our butts off, we all worked up a good sweat." - sandb

"The night prior we all froze at Jones beach while tonight we roasted at Irving plaza where the temp at show time had to be over 80F. Sting was completely soaking wet by the 3rd song. Prior to 'A Day In The Life' sting made a gesture towards Dom indicating how hot he was feeling. Prior to 'Roxanne' he sat at the edge of the drum platform for a 30 second rest. I think this was why EBYT was cut. The show had flaws. The sound system was very muddy during Fiction's set & stayed that way during the first 5 songs of Sting's set until it suddenly got better. Sting blew lines during 'A Day In The Life' & also 'King Of Pain', and possibly Fields of Gold. I agree that ringing "Allison" onto the stage to sing was a disaster since she didnt know the song & her childish behavior distracted from sting's performance. The highlight of this show was being close to Sting & being with the enthusiastic fan club crowd. Personally I doubt this show will ever be commercially released as a dvd. Did anyone mention that during sting's encore he came back to the stage with his shirt fully open exposing his washboard stomach muscles & soggy chest hairs? Finally, it was a treat to have the ticket distribution handled by Dave & Wendy personally as we all got a chance to meet & speak with them. At the pickup location there was also an open bar with Sting picking up the tab for all drinks. bravo! R.I.P broken Music tour!" - johnnyjumpstart

"I am in total awe of the entire experience. I just wanted to connect and tell you that the night was magical. I could give you many reasons why but I am exhusted right now and my mind is not thinking logical. Much love wished to all. I have had the opportunity to experince the many faces of Sting and that, for me, is what the experience is all about." - lynnpastme

"Fiction Plane was great. Felt like a real coming out party for them, and a nostalgic fun night for Sting. By the way, Joe could star as Sting in the movie, "Police: A True Story." Somebody ought to write that. Trudie looked proud of both of her men. Sting did a lot of chanting with the crowd, especially 'Voices' and 'Roxanne'. It was very hot in the room, and everyone broke a sweat. Only regret: Sting didn't sing 'So Lonely'. Carrie, I hope you got a moment with Sting by the stage door at the end. Thanks for making the time on line fly by, and thanks to Sting for a clearly crowd-pleasing performance. He really enjoyed himself, and that made everyone really happy. Peace" - tommy

"What an amazing day & night! It was such a beautiful day to be in the city - My friend and I enjoyed every minute of the show including Fiction Plane. Joe is so much like his father! We couldn't stop dancing all night - and my feet are killing me today! So glad we had this opportunity to see this show!! Thank you to Tina, Dave and Wendy for the complimentary drinks when we picked up the tickets! That was a nice surprise!" - suebedoo70

"Irving Plaza was the site of another amazing night of music and good vibes with Sting at the helm of a great rocking ship! The mood and atmosphere in the club was so turned on and exuberant, and, of course, it's always a particular thrill to be in a smaller venue in such close proximity to Sting and the band - that high exchange of energy that occurs between band and audience is so powerful... one feeds the other. I was completely drawn into the music - so many of the songs that Sting choose to include on the Broken Music setlist are all time personal favorites with strong emotional ties. To hear those songs again on this tour, revisited and infused with new energy was very moving for me. I was also quite blown away, when early in the set, Sting walked over to the edge of the stage and took hold of my outstretched hand. Very nice touch, indeed! Another highlight was meeting up with many of you in the waiting line and in the venue. Also my thanks to Kerry who surprised me with a thoughtful gift of a Broken Music CD that I played all the way home. My sincerest thanks to Dave, Wendy and Tina for overseeing such a memorable night for all of us who were there. You are a class act! What a lovely surprise to arrive at the Heartland to pick up tickets and find that our drinks and our meal were being covered by Sting. What a guy!!!" - Goddette

"Just want to "publically" thank Wendy, Dave and Tina and everyone behind the scenes who organized this event for us. Meeting them was a most pleasant surprise and a wonderful opportunity to express my appreciation to them for all they have done for us and Sting.com. And Wendy and Tina were so supportive in our efforts to deal with a very rude woman who appeared up front out of no where and refused to move out of the way of those who waited in line since mid morning to claim good spots in the venue. I am a happy, grateful woman having shared Reading, Jones Beach and Irving Plaza with my very dear friends. Joss Stone, Fiction Plane and the incomparable Sting - WOW!!!! And meeting up again with some wonderful fan club members as well as meeting some for the first time was so much fun." - Mimimph

Finally, to everyone that was fortunate enough to get tickets for this show can we just say what an absolute pleasure it was to meet so many of you personally either during will call or at Irving Plaza during the evening. Thanks too for the very kind comments that were thrown our way which were appreciated very much by ourselves and Ultrastar who helped lay on such a successful will-call event. We heard of several random acts of generosity between fans (many of whom had never even met until last Saturday), saw fans guiding other fans in to stand ahead of them so they could get a better view and a whole lot of other goodwill to each other too. There's no doubting it: Sting fans are an amazing group of people! - T,D&W