06.03.05 Sting guests on Black Eyed Peas new album...

Sting is one of the guests on the Black Eyed Peas new album 'Monkey Business' whcih is released June 7. Sting guests on 'Union' which heavily samples 'Englishman In New York'.

Rolling Stone reviewed the album as follows:

For 2003's multiplatinum 'Elephunk', the Black Eyed Peas recruited sexy crooner Fergie and ditched ponderous rhymes in favor of smooth hooks, transforming themselves from the world's most boring rap group to hip-hop's brightest popsters. 'Monkey Business' is just as bright if not quite as fun as 'Elephunk', calling in Justin Timberlake, James Brown and Sting for a series of party-starters and hijacking Dick Dale's 'Miserlou' for the opening 'Pump It'. Some cuts are dragged down by soul-pop cliches, but 'Don't Lie' is a breezy, grooving romantic apology starring MC Will.i.am, and 'My Humps' is an irresistible, butt-stupid ode to Fergie's ass. If anything, Business is too breezy - but from a group that once burdened us with rhymes about how its "technicalities die hard like battery," that's not such a bad thing.