07.04.05 Introducing Lyle Workman...

Sting's set at Live8 was memorable for several reasons, one of which was the unveiling of a new line-up. The set saw the introduction of guitarist Lyle Workman. Sting fans already know about Dominic and Josh but Lyle will be a new name to most Sting fans.

Lyle was born and raised in San Jose, California and began playing guitar as a child. In college an interest in blues, jazz and classical forms together with studies of music theory and composition led to him playing in a variety of local bands. Lyle was a member of Bourgeois Tagg who recorded two albums including one produced by Todd Rundgren. When Bourgeois Tagg disbanded in 1989, Lyle recorded and toured as part of Rundgren's band. His first solo project 'Purple Passages' was dubbed "possibly the best guitar album of the year" by Guitar Shop Magazine. Lyle later played guitar with Jellyfish on their excellent 'Spilt Milk' album before hooking up with ex-Pixies frontman Frank Black recording ' Teenager of the Year' and touring extensively with Frank Black and the Catholics in 1998.

Lyle later worked with jazz great Tony Williams and completed a second solo instrumental album entitled 'Tabula Rasa'. His most recent touring work has been with Beck with whom he played from November 1999 to August 2001. As a film composer, Lyle has written music for "Made", Kicking and Screaming", and "The 40 Year old Virgin".

For more information on Lyle check out his website.