07.05.05 Sting guests with Dominic Miller at Jazz Baltica...

Sting made a special guest appearance with Dominic Miller last night at Dominic's performance at the Jazz Baltica festival in Salzau, Germany. Sting provided vocals on three songs during Dominic's set, 'Shape of My Heart', 'Fields of Gold' and 'I Was Brought To My Senses'.

Our thanks go to Julia who has very kindly translated the following review from German into English for us - it's a review of the Salzau concert from the German newspaper "Kieler Nachrichten".

Sting's short visit at JazzBaltica

Three hits, thunderous applause and then he was gone. During the night from Sunday to Monday, the pop musician Sting paid a visit to the Festival JazzBaltica.

His short appearance was the highlight at the end of the 4 day festival. For the 54-year old, the big music barn of the Schlo? Salzau was a trip down memory lane to the beginning of his career. Just a day before he had played at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, London, in front of 200,000 people.
The successful story of todays popstar began as a bass player in a jazz band in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. During the 30 years of his carreer, Sting has never lost touch with Jazz music. After his time with The Police, he played together with jazz musicians like Branford Marsalis for his first solo albums. He received a lot of attention for his live album, recorded together with the Big Band arranger, Gil Evans, in 1987 at the occasion of the Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy,

The British musician came to Salzau because of his guitarist, Dominic Miller. Miller, who has been playing in his band for many years, and Indian ethno drummer, Trilok Gurtu, presented mainstream jazz with pop-like sound. Therefore Stings appearance fitted perfectly: Almost exactly at midnight, the musician with the short blond hair appeared on stage of the art and culture barn in Salzau.

As announced by the festival director, Rainer Haarmann, it did not go beyond the guest appearance. Sting sang three songs from his vast hit repertoire: 'Shape Of My Heart', 'Fields Of Gold' - and in a nice jazzy style - 'I Was Brought To My Senses'. The audience was thrilled but hopes for an encore were in vain. Sting left the stage to his guitarist, who finished together with his band the series of concerts of the 15th JazzBaltica Festival.

The short encounter with the pop singer was a nice present to the organizers. "Sting sang here without any pay", said Haarmann. The fans in Salzau happily accepted this present.

For 15 years now, the international jazz elite has been meeting in the north German (Schleswig Holstein) province. Thanks to his good contacts in the scene, Haarmann has been able to attract the big jazz musicians for concerts and sessions for a long weekend to the site of an ancient mansion. This year the motto was "on drums". This was represented by drummers like Brian Blade, Jack DeJohnette and Trilok Gurtu. The German Jazz drummer, Wolfgang Haffner, who had his big break through this year, acted as the leader of the JazzBaltica company.

But also Roy Haynes with his "Formation of Youth", Chick Corea and Don Friedman made impressive performances. As always, the small but fine Festival was sold out.

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