September 12, 2013

Taking Himself Out of the Equation - Sting Frees Himself With the Writing of ‘The Last Ship' reports The New York Times...

Early in May, a few hundred people received hush-hush invitations to the Signature Theater in Midtown. They arrived for a staged reading, a spartan workshop production assembled in under 29 hours of rehearsal as a preview for potential backers and other interested parties. On a crowded stage, with scripts in hand, cast members played out a story set in an English town whose shipbuilding industry was in its last throes. The plot intertwines a love triangle, reckonings between fathers and sons and a labor uprising (workers seizing a factory to build a last ship before the factory shuts down) with crosscurrents of economics and faith. The songs bridge show tunes and British folk traditions. The presentation received a standing ovation, something that doesn't always happen at staged readings...

September 04, 2013

Sting in Conversation with Anthony DeCurtis – October 30 at the 92Y in New York City!

On Wednesday, October 30 at 8PM/EST, Sting will discuss his new album, The Last Ship, and its inspirations with Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis at the 92Y in New York City! Sting recently told Rolling Stone of the album, "I wanted the music to reflect the traditional music of the northeast of England where I grew up, as well as tipping my hat to the great music of the theatrical tradition – Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lerner and Loewe, Brecht and Weill." Tickets will be available for sale beginning September 10 at 9AM/EST. Additional details may be found at

August 25, 2013

Message Unbottled: Sting Conquers Writer's Block With His First New Songs in a Decade... - Sting talks to

A few years ago, Sting found himself in a position that was unique to his experience, though perhaps familiar to certain others: He had grown sick and tired of Sting. For three decades, Sting had been not just one of the world's most famous musicians but one of its preeminent musical confessors: a singer-songwriter who, through all of his incarnations - spiky white reggae man, stadium rock star, sleek fixture of adult­-contemporary radio - had kept the music coming by, he says, "scraping the barrel of my soul." The result was a prolific output: five LPs with the Police and a string of hit solo albums, a run that concluded in 2003 with his eighth solo release, Sacred Love. Then, abruptly, the songs stopped. Sting has released three albums in the years since, all on the classical label Deutsche Grammophon; none were pop records, per se, and none included new songs ­written by Sting. Eventually, he realized he was blocked...

August 18, 2013

Rolling Stone: Sting Offers Ships and Surprises on First Solo Album In a Decade...

Sting still recalls his earliest memory of growing up near shipyards in northeast England. "A massive ship at the end of my street, towering over the houses and blotting out the sun," he says. "I was raised in this surreal industrial landscape that is still the landscape of my dreams, and some of my nightmares. I watched many ships being launched, and there is something terrifying, apocalyptic and haunting about the event that never leaves you."