November 11, 2009


Sting: The X Factor kids are going nowhere: I was an altar boy and considered being a priest," says Sting, with a twinkle in his eye. "But I already had a strong interest in the female sex so my vocation lasted five minutes. I quite like dressing up, wearing a dress... just not permanently," he says, laughing at the idea of Father Sting...
November 10, 2009


My next guest is one of stars of the pop world who also has a deep feeling for the classical, when Police reformed recently they trailed more than their glory days with them, millions turned out all over the world for and including the unmistakeable voice of Gordon Sumner, better known of course as Sting but he's turned his talents in the past to classical music like Purcell's lute songs when he was last here and his latest recording with an eclectic and wonderful group of musicians is a little trip into winter. You're very welcome to 'In Tune' and on the face of it that may seem a rather gloomy and chilly prospect. Why winter...?
November 01, 2009


Sting and his Tale: For more than 30 years, every little thing this singer/songwriter does has been magic, and he's not done yet. Chatting to Sting is like talking to a wise old owl, albeit one that's morphed from a proud cockerel who once strutted his colourful plumage and ruffled feathers around the globe. Heaven knows how he manages to sound casually philosophical and self-deprecating at the same time; it's quite a feat considering he made his name as the spiky haired, egocentric British frontman of The Police (alongside Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers) - one of the biggest bands of the early '80s. Add a string of hugely successful solo albums after the trio's tumultuous split in 1984, at the peak of their popularity, and his celebrity was cemented. But it was his habit of rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sir Bob Geldof and Bono, and entree into environmentalism long before the rest of us jumped on the green bandwagon, that sold us the idea he was more than some flash-in-the-pan rock god...
October 30, 2009


Sting - "Let it die. Kill it, Kill Rock!" 14.7.2009, London. The sun is blazing outside. Inside, it is comfortably cool. However, not as cool as the title of Gordon Sumner's upcoming album in October: "If On A Winter's Night" celebrates the coldest, but according to him, most beautiful and fragile season. In an elaborate, led by Sting's typically short but precise way, he tells that he doesn't only love snow as such. The one-time-only Police comeback and its background, his son's music or a life in spirit of Tantra are just as interesting to talk about...
October 20, 2009


Sting's sailing toward something new - Sting's new album, If on a Winter's Night..., was inspired by the singer's upbringing in Northern England. A few weeks ago when walking through Green Park, a genteel oasis in the middle of London, Sting encountered a middle-aged couple on the path. The woman approached him and said, "Do you think we could have a photograph?" Absolutely, the singer said graciously - and then the woman handed him her camera. Clearly, she had no idea who he was, and merely needed someone to take a picture of her with the husband...
October 18, 2009


Sting and his tale - He is returning to his home of North Tyneside to face up to his difficult childhood, but will the musician ever find peace? We are inside Durham Cathedral. It's like being inside a great Gothic wedding cake, pale and cold. Sting's voice - deeper, sadder, more robust - soars amid the incense and the notes from fiddles, harps and Northumbrian pipes. He has come to the northeast of England to perform songs from his new winter-themed album, because he equates the season with coming home. "It's a time for coming out of the cold for comfort, for reflection, for dealing with ghosts, perhaps even rebirth," he says. "It's a wonderful coming home for me. I don't come home often..."
October 09, 2009


October 03, 2009


Welcome Santa Sting - Just ten weeks until Christmas, it is time for a Winter/Christmas CD then... Sting also thought this way and presents "If on a Winter's night", an album with some unusual sounds and what he learned about himself while making it...