June 20, 2007

FOX 411

June 03, 2007


The Police - A Fragile Truce: It's the reunion Sting swore would never happen. What brought the Police together again, and how long can it last? The music is lean and gleaming, an instantly familiar fury of hyper-reggae drive and hit-record choruses. The Police are rehearsing for their first tour in twenty-three years in a gymnasium in Vancouver. Opening night is a week away, in a local arena. But the Police sound better then ready, tight and implausibly fresh - as long as they keep playing...
May 20, 2007


Police Presence - Legendary trio improving 'new muic', friendshp for reunion tour: Most of the Police fans who helped the band sell out its summer reunion tour think they're going to see the classic pop-rock trio revisit glory days. But Stewart Copeland says they're in for a surprise. "It's all-new music we'll be playing," he says. What? When the Police headline the Live Earth festival on July 7 and play their sold-out solo dates at Madison Square Garden (Aug. 1 and 3) and Giants Stadium (Aug. 5), there won't be any 'Roxanne', 'Don't Stand So Close to Me' or 'King of Pain'? Not exactly...
April 23, 2007


It hit me without warning, and the force of guitar geekism smacked me so hard that I found myself fighting back those tears of bliss that often plague Italians, soap-opera divas, and unrepentant sissies. I was drifting around Andy Summers' Venice Beach, California, office/ photo studio/rehearsal space when the Police guitarist casually plugged into his Bradshaw rig and launched into the thrilling, mesmerizing arpeggios of 'Message in a Bottle'. Even naked, without support from Sting's swooping bass line and Stewart Copeland's propulsive drums, the sheer beauty of Summers' tone, phrasing, and chord movement is extremely moving. It's also somewhat astonishing that the part still sounds modern and fresh 28 years after it first blasted from phonographs and car radios...
March 04, 2007


Cop idols: They said a reunion would be an act of insanity. So what changed their minds? Under intense interrogation, the Police break down and confess all. Interview by Chrissy Iley. There is only a small industry crowd of 100 or so, gathered in the cavernous dome that is the Staples Center, LA, home to the Grammys. It's a technical run-through. It's boring. Beyoncé has an unfortunate fringe cut that is sucked into her mouth each time she sings the opening strain of Listen, her Dreamgirls anthem. The crowd stare glumly at the giant monitor and her giant flapping fringe...
February 18, 2007


They Can Play. Can They Play Nice? In a high-ceilinged studio at the Lions Gate film complex earlier this month, the Police were rehearsing for a very public first gig: opening the Grammy awards broadcast last Sunday with their 1978 hit "Roxanne" before announcing a world tour the next day. Sting, 55, on bass; Andy Summers, 64, on guitar; and Stewart Copeland, 54, on drums, were working through a list of two dozen songs. For the first time in decades the Police would be back together for more than one night. "I've trapped myself back 30 years," Sting said...