06.26.13 Sting and Paul Simon...

Sting was joined by surprise guest Paul Simon at his Back To Bass concert at the Borgata in Atlantic City, where they paired up for performances of "The Boxer" and "Fields Of Gold." Check out this shot of the two rehearsing before the concert.

 Sting and Paul Simon
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HeidiC - 11.04.13
Birds of a Feather!
Both a "musician's musician"! Why haven't we thought of this before?! I cannot wait!
mek7vlo25 - 07.09.13
you go up, I'll go down says Paul! Sting still sounds incredible, his range is magnificent! Saw him last month at Ravinia...sigh
gitte - 07.09.13
Paul's music was the soundtrack for my life between 15 and 35 and then Sting took over... Both on one stage would have been an extraordinary treat...
mjharris - 07.02.13
Libran rock and soul...
What a pair, the moment must have been amazing. We are fortunate to have so many artists so dedicated to their craft. My heartfelt thanks to Sting, Paul Simon et al...Keep on smilin' and shinin'. Margaret
scorpio10 - 06.26.13
GS + PS =
Pure Musical Genius
agata2013 - 06.26.13
hi Paul Simon and Sting!
Your music brings out nice memories..it helps! Thank you for that! Both of you,are amazing! Wish you the best from Oslo !
peanuts - 06.26.13
now thats a pic.........
Sting made more than a few dreams come true Monday night. Several people waiting to get into the show at Credit Union Place said that seeing him live in concert was on their "bucket list" of things to do before they die. "His voice is just so pitch perfect," said Josée Ouellon, of Moncton. "And of course the music from The Police is good too. It's classic. It's never going to grow old on me," she said. Margaret Parsons, of Halifax, has also waited a lifetime to see Sting - though she never imagined she'd be doing it in Summerside, P.E.I...

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Andrew Mockler is an artist and songwriter from the UK. He has a degree in Jazz, Popular and Commercial Music from Newcastle University in the UK, and grade 8 music theory / vocals from the London College of Music. He worked with Sting as a lead and backing vocalist in 2004 and 2006, and has performed for the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Robert Kennedy Jr., Sir Jeffrey Archer, the NZ All Blacks rugby team, and many more. Andrew's single 'Next Train' was selected as the winner of the Rocky Mountaineer song contest in early 2013...
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"Highlights were many. This review would never end if all were mentioned. But the reggae groove of 'Englishman in New York' and the group sing-along of its "whoa-oh" chorus was sublime... and loud: I bet the windows rattled at the Seaport Hotel down the street. A bone-crunching 'Demolition Man' followed by the gorgeous, quiet 'Fields of Gold', with lovely fingerpicked guitar by Miller, was a fine loud/soft mix. Tickell's violin solo on the jazzy 'Driven to Tears' was sensational and the funky 'Heavy Cloud No Rain' got everyone up and shaking their fannies. 'Message in a Bottle' was a euphoric rocker followed by the delicate, melodic 'Shape of My Heart', easily the best one-two punch of the night. And the dancing bear mascots wearing Bruins jerseys during second encore 'Next To You' got folks giggling and clapping. He dedicated the night-closing 'Fragile' to those who lost their lives in the Marathon bombing, and it was a terrific way to end a terrific show..."

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We've captured some compelling footage along the Back To Bass Summer 2013 Tour so far, and we want to share as much as we can with our members! We intend to create a "music video" style clip comprised of performance footage...but we need your help in choosing which live song from the Back To Bass tour to use.

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