No Show Review Available.

MatthewBrandalise December 05,2011
Great Show
It was a great show. We were lucky enough to be in front row. Here is a pic from my phone for all to enjoy.

October 03,2011
no tickets!
This is so frustrating! The tickets are sold out before they even go on sale :(
DavaDarling September 28,2011
I have been trying for hours, We are also members and cant get tickets. They already have them on Ebay for the 3rd....very disappointed.
LoriM September 28,2011
I was on-line as soon as they came on sale and tried 4, 2, and 1 ticket and got nothing . . . . very disappointing . . . .
mlucey September 28,2011
no every ticket was sold out during lagacy pre-sale. Very weak that none were set aside for regular fan club member
iautom8u September 28,2011
anyone actually get tickets? tried for 2 on both shows right as they went on sale for new memebers and got nothing. must be a lot of legacy members...