FRANK ZAPPA: Broadway the Hard Way

October 1, 1988
  1. Murder By Numbers


Sting guested on 'Murder for Numbers' on this live album recorded in New York.


Full Track Listing: 1. Elvis Has Just Left The Building 2. Planet Of The Baritone Women 3. Any Kind Of Pain 4. Dickie's Such An Asshole 5. When The Lie's So Big 6. Rhymin' Man 7. Promiscuous 8. The Untouchables 9. Why Don't You Like Me 10. Bacon Fat 11. Stolen Moments 12. Murder By Numbers Featuring Sting 13. Jezebel Boy 14. Outside Now 15. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel 16. What Kind Of Girl 17. Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk

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