Name: Penny Pourat

Username: rujjmike (combined names of my three sons)

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Been a fan since: 1978 (in college).

Favourite Sting song: 'Never Coming Home'.

Favourite Police song: 'Walking on the Moon'.

Favourite Sting album: 'Sacred Love'.

Favourite Police album: 'Ghost in the Machine'.

Most memorable concert: No way I can just name one! I loved 'Symphonicity' in Perth, Australia (Sandalford Estates). Outdoors in the middle of a winery. Great music, wine, fans and scenery. The fan night at the Apollo Theater was very memorable. Sat front row center, and thanks to the Canadians behind me who made yellow and black scarfs! So awesome - even Sting mentioned them. I also LOVED singing at Sting's rehearsal in San Francisco (Back to Bass). Singing with him was on my bucket list!

Other favourite bands: Billy Joel, Hall and Oates, Annie Lennox, Paul Simon.

In your own words: My Sting highlights include seeing him perform in The Last Ship, and seeing Trudy and Sting perform in Twin Spirits. It was my birthday and Sting sang happy birthday to me at the reception. I especially have enjoyed meeting the wonderful people in our fan club especially at the Apollo, The Last Ship (Chicago), The Last Ship (NYC), Jay Leno Show, Cherry Tree concert, and the many concerts and events! Wish there were more fan club only concerts as they are always so awesome.