Name: Steve Molyneux / Tanny Van Loon.

Username: Cestriansaint / Tanny.

Location: Dublin, Ireland.

Been a fan since: Steve: Hmmm, 1979. Tanny: 1985

Favourite Sting song: Steve: 'Be Still my Beating Heart'. I love the way it's recorded. It just sounds so good. In recent years 'The End OF The Game' has become a real favourite too. Tanny: 'Be Still My Beating Heart'. Wow! We've answered a question with the same answer.

Favourite Police song: Steve: 'Wrapped Around Your Finger'. Tanny: 'Rehumanize Yourself'.

Favourite Sting album: Steve: 'Nothing Like The Sun'. Tanny: 'Sacred Love'.

Favourite Police album: Steve: 'Reggatta De Blanc'. Tanny: 'Ghost In The Machine'.

Most memorable concert: Steve: Every one is memorable. Soul Cages tour at Manchester Apollo in '91 was a great gig - What a band. The return of the Police on UK soil at Birmingham NIA in 2007 was special. Maybe I should say the Symphonicities gig at The Sage in 2010 as it's where I met my future wife, Tanny. Tanny: The Police at Croke Park in 2007.

Other favourite bands: Steve: Half Man Half Biscuit. The Stone Roses. Elbow. Doves. Tanny: James. Elbow. The Divine Comedy.

In your own words: Steve: I was hooked at an early age. I grew up in Milton Keynes and was too young to attend the show at MK Bowl in 1980 but my dad drove me to the venue so that I could listen from outside. Sting has provided the soundtrack to my life and without his music I'd have not met Tanny. Tanny: I see Sting as a poet. I grew up in Holland and used Sting's lyrics to learn English. I would bring the inner sleeve of his latest album into school to use in English classes until my teacher told me that not everybody was ready for The Dream Of The Blue Turtles.