Name: Ian Gibson

Username: holyman

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Been a fan since: The start 1977. Was off school sick with flu when the Police came on daytime TV and sang a number. I thought 'wow they have a unique sound'. 38 years later still saying 'wow'.

Favourite Sting song: 'The Book Of My Life'.

Favourite Police song: 'Walking on the Moon'.

Favourite Sting album: 'Sacred Love'.

Favourite Police album: 'Ghost in the Machine'.

Most memorable concert: The Police reunion concert Croke Park October 2007. The lifelong dream of hearing the Police live realised.The size of the venue and logistics around the concert blew me away.

Other favourite bands: None have the emotional connection of Sting and the Police. Chris Botti, Abba, Pink Floyd, U2, Gary Numan, the Buggles and the Korgis are always listenable to.

In your own words: The Police were the soundtrack of my youth. I've both been transcended by and can associate with the metaphors of loneliness. I have consistently followed Sting and the Police over the last 38 years. Recalling the live reunion version of 'Walking on the Moon' and association with how I felt at the live concert got me through the toughest interview of my career... NLP works. Sting is a role model in terms of a very macho guy who can openly talk about feelings. In balance I have other interests too - self defence and voluntary work with those in poverty within the local community. Recently took up yoga not because of but in spite of Sting... probable held back a year as I wanted to ensure that I was starting for the right reasons. Whilst I have been within feet of Sting at concerts or whilst he arrived at concert venues I still dream of meeting him, looking at his eyes whilst shaking his hand and saying thank you for the music which continues to feed my soul... your music has its own reward for me too.