Name: Petra Lac

Username: Petra_v

Location: Vienna, Austria.

Been a fan since: 2009.

Favourite Sting song: I’ve been losing sleep over this question and can limit them to four at best: 'Fields Of Gold', 'Valparaiso', 'Until', 'Show Some Respect'.

Favourite Police song: 'Message In A Bottle' - the one song I would choose above all other music.

Favourite Sting album: 'The Last Ship'.

Favourite Police album: 'Reggatta de Blanc'.

Most memorable concert: Back To Bass Tour Vienna 2012 - I came with a heavy heart and left wanting to hug the world to my chest. 'Inside' was in the set and gave me back my strength after a nasty period of being unhappily in love. It was when I first experienced that one evening with Sting refills my tank for months. The 3 Last Ship concerts at the Sage Newcastle 2015 - a dream outdone by reality.

Other favourite bands: Genesis in all their line-ups, Incubus, Phil Collins, Udo Juergens.

In your own words: It was love at second sight. Sting’s first solo album is one year older than me. I grew up appreciating the music of The Police and Sting but it clicked only in the spring of 2009. Since then, I have tried to make up for the lost time as good as I can. Thank Youtube. Thank Sting that he is still active and touring and does not plan to retire any time soon. I am forever grateful that I joined in time to witness the release of Sting’s most personal and, to me, most beautiful album, “The Last Ship”. I follow an artist who is endless inspiration. I have found my music. Just push the button and someone articulates your thoughts, describes your emotions, portrays your soul - then sends you back to everyday life with more clarity, raised awareness, new curiosity. What a privilege! .