Name: Conrad Davies

Username: Cdave66

Location: Bicester, Oxfordshire, England.

Been a fan since: I bought my first Police single - 'Can't Stand Losing You' - in the summer of 1979, when I was 13.

Favourite Sting song: God, so difficult - 'The Last Ship' (amazing chorus!). Favourite Live - 'Seven Days'/'Never Coming Home'.

Favourite Police song: God, so difficult - 'So Lonely'. Favourite Live - 'Can't Stand Losing You'/'Reggatta de Blanc'.

Favourite Sting album: 'The Soul Cages'.

Favourite Police album: 'Zenyatta Mondatta'.

Most memorable concert: Sting, Two - Symphonicities Gdansk / Back to Bass - Henley Festival; Police - Wembley Arena 1983/2007 - However, I was in Gateshead and I was blown away, amazing - it would make a great tour. The Last Ship works brilliantly as a concert in that format.

Other favourite bands: Chris Rea / Fleetwood Mac / Pink Floyd.

In your own words: Been a Police, and by inference, a Sting fan since 1979, and has been a major part of my life ever since. I cried when the tickets arrived for my first police concert in 1983 and was absolutely thrilled when they announced the reunion tour, going 3 times and met Sting at a book signing in Manchester in 2008. The Police were brilliant in 2007/8, they still had it! Loved it so much, I listen to Certifiable all the time. First Sting concert was in 1992. I saw Back to Bass 7 times across Europe in 2012 and again at the Life festival Oswiecim in 2013. I had tickets for Sting and Paul Simon in Krakow, you can imagine how disappointed I was when I traveled all the way to Poland only for the gig to be cancelled. My consolation is I had tickets for the UK leg. Absolutely love The Last Ship music and there was no way I could miss the shows in Gateshead. And will again visit a gig or two on the 2015 summer tour. Absolutely love the guy, my friends know I call him 'The Lord God!' Long may he sell out around the world and entertain... Sting is one of the UK's greatest ever and should be recognised as such.

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