Name: Kelvin Nel

Username: lennivlek

Location: Leigh on Sea, UK

Been a fan since: 1978.

Favourite Sting song: 'Children's Crusade'.

Favourite Police song: 'One World (Not Three)'.

Favourite Sting album: 'Ten Summoner's Tales'.

Favourite Police album: 'Reggatta de Blanc'.

Most memorable concert: Sting's first solo tour at the Royal Albert Hall London.

Other favourite bands: The Isley Brothers, Led Zeppelin.

In your own words: In your own words I've been a Sting and Police fan since the first record. I've seen Sting perform solo since his first solo tour many times but unfortunately never saw The Police although I almost saw the ultimate gig. In 1978 my friends brother drummed in a band called The Youth and we went to see him play at The Rock Gardens in Covent Garden, London. Also, on or topping the bill that night, were The Police, but because it was a school night we just helped 'our' band pack up and we left without seeing them! I worked in the cinema industry during the Eighties and Nineties while Sting had his film roles and always seemed to miss out on seeing or meeting him at premieres like Dune and Plenty. I must be one of the few who despite being a massive fan for over 35 years have never even been close to meeting him. Four years ago I wrote a novel set in the 1980s called 'You Like That, Don't You?' which mentions Sting and The Police throughout the book.