Name: Cláudia Franklin

Username: stingirl01

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Been a fan since: 1987.

Favourite Sting song: 'Hounds Of Winter', 'Down Down Down'... and all the other songs!

Favourite Police song: 'Synchronicity II'.

Favourite Sting album:'Nothing Like The Sun'.

Favourite Police album: 'Synchronicity'.

Most memorable concert: Allianz Parque - São Paulo, Brazil (2017) - 57th & 9th Tour.

Other favourite bands: Sting is the best... ever!

In your own words: Sting has been my lovely and talented idol since I was 13 years old. His voice brings me peace, his music makes me want to live in a better world. I admire his ideals. And I love the way he sees the world. My first concert was in 2001, during Rock in Rio Festival, in Rio de Janeiro.