Name: Romana

Username: romana

Location: Chicago, USA.

Been a fan since: The beginning.

Favourite Sting song: 'Shadows In The Rain' and 'If You Love Somebody'.

Favourite Police song: 'Too Much Information', 'Driven To Tears', 'Invisible Sun', 'Beds Too Big', 'Hungry For You', and so many more… all favorites.

Favourite Sting album: Too difficult to choose one.

Favourite Police album: Too difficult to choose one.

Most memorable concert: Bus ride to 'Dream of the Blue Turtles' concert. See “in my own words” below.

Other favourite bands: -

In your own words: Longtime fan of The Police and Sting. I never had a chance to see The Police back before they broke up so the first time I saw Sting live was at his first solo tour. My friend and I decided to take a limo from northern Chicago to Wisconsin and we took our old fashioned Italian moms with us to the show. It turned out that our ride was late due to some mix up and we were picked up in an old hippie-like van that broke down on our way to the concert. I thought, “Besides never being able to see The Police, is it going to be the same challenge with Sting!?!” We finally made it and danced on the chairs having a great time! My most memorable moment was when I attended Sting's book signing in Chicago! Pictures weren't allowed with Sting, but the person in line next to me captured some as he walked by us for the signing. She promised sending them to me, but never did. When I finally had those few seconds with him at the signing, he gave me a big hug after a funny misunderstanding of some sort between me, himself, and staff/security. It made my life! Every nervous thought and plan of what I would say in 10 seconds or less, went away. The most recent show I attended was the 2016 Rock Paper Scissors show in Chicago. Wow, Sting sounded and looked amazing! And so did everyone else… the violinist was incredible! It brought back so many memories and I wish I would've kept up on my music when I was growing up. Regardless of the reasons, music always remains in my heart and great musicians like Sting always keep me going. I know that in a previous life I was a musician!