Name: Sabine

Username: sabineyogi

Location: Newcastle, Ontario, Canada.

Been a fan since: The first time I recall The Police on my radar was probably 1980. I heard "Roxanne" on my radio, static and fuzzy and all, and fell in love.

Favourite Sting song: 'When We Dance' (is the ultimate love letter in my opinion).

Favourite Police song: 'Message in a Bottle' (it reminds me that we are never truly alone even if it feels like we are sometimes).

Favourite Sting album:'The Best of Sting - Fields of Gold 1984-1994' is always on my playlist.

Favourite Police album:'Every Breath You Take - The Classics' (the title says it all...classic!).

Most memorable concert: Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada November 2011 - The acoustics were beautiful, Sting seemed in a great mood and it was the first time I saw him interact with the audience in a very personal way of story telling. The Public Theatre - NYC, 2013 - The Last Ship - I was very, very lucky and won a ticket to the taping of the music of The Last Ship. The theatre was inviting and magical and I met many wonderful fans there who I am still in touch with today.

Other favourite bands: You can probably tell by my answers that I love a good story. Whether it's in the form of a song, a book or movie - capture my imagination and I'm all in. Other great story tellers: Gordon Lightfoot, Jai Uttal, Jimmy Rankin - The Rankins.

In your own words: I love how Sting's music is always evolving. I know that many people want to stay in one place, or repeat what brought them joy in the past. Sting has taught me that we are always evolving and growing. Sometimes the music is modern and funky, sometimes soulful and deep, sometimes it's "whaat?"... But Sting never disappoints. The biggest gift Sting has given me (besides a lifetime of wonderful music - "the soundtrack of my life") is the courage to always look forward, not to fear change and age. Sting is as relevant to music now as he was when he was starting out. Many thanks for the gift of music that you share with us, Sting.