Name: gary

Username: gary1

Location: Birmingham, UK.

Been a fan since: 1979.

Favourite Sting song: 'The Soul Cages', 'Seven Days'.

Favourite Police song: 'De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da'.

Favourite Sting album: 'The Soulcages', 'Ten Summoners Tales'.

Favourite Police album: 'Zenyatta Mondatta'.

Most memorable concert: Sting's show at the Royal Albert Hall on his birthday.

Other favourite bands: XTC, U2, Hall & Oates etc etc.

In your own words: From the moment I heard Message In A Bottle in 1979 I was hooked! From that day, through The Police and Sting his music has been a constant in my life. Through the ups and downs of life, the good times and bad times his music has always been there for me. And recently I was lucky enough to get to tell Sting this in person which he genuinely seemed to show respect for. Sting is more than just music for me now, it's a way of life!