Sting to play TW Classic Festival in Belgium - Ticket info...
February 16, 2006 
Sting will be performing at the TW Classic Festival at Werchter in Belgium on July 8 and tickets are now on sale. The Festival is General Admission, so we have decided not to hold a presale. However, the promoter has made an allocation of tickets available to the fan club and we will put these on sale via on February 15 at 10am ET (3pm GMT/4pm CET). We are doing this primarily so that anyone from outside Europe, or from further afield in Europe than Belgium who might wish to attend the TW Classic show can buy their tickets using our ticket ordering system which will take you through the ticket purchasing process in English.

General Sale information:

Tickets: 60 Euros + service charges.

Tel : 0900 2 60 60 - - SMS code TWC to 3060 and

For more information on the TW Classic Festival line up visit


Feb 12, 2006


"Sting says I shop for Britain. I don't I shop for Europe". Fuelled by yoga, meditation and broccoli, Trudie Styler busies herself these days producing films and organic olive oil. She talks control freakery, acting and puppy love with Geraldine Bedell. The rich are different. The first time I turn up to interview Trudie Styler, her dog is ill and she's too upset to speak to me. I trail back through the freezing rush hour muttering bitterly about how most people have to carry on even when their dogs are dying - but then I'm not a dog person...
Feb 09, 2006

Chris Botti's 'What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?' snags Grammy award...

At the Grammy awards last night, Chris Botti's track 'What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?' which features Sting won the Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) for Billy Childs, Gil Goldstein & Heitor Pereira...