Prince Charles and Sting send an SOS to the world...
September 30, 2009 

Sting has leant his voice and his lyrics to a campaign spearheaded by Prince Charles intended to safeguard against the destruction of the world's rainforests.

The singer has released a special compilation video of The Police's 'Message in a Bottle', urging the public to (as the chorus goes) 'send an SOS to the world' in support of the Prince's Rainforests Project (PRP).

"Thirty years ago I wrote 'Message in a Bottle'. Today I'm joining forces with the Prince of Wales and many others to send an SOS to the world," Sting said.

The PRP wants supporters to add their name and SOS messages to a petition being collected online at It says tropical deforestation is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions, and that there is growing understanding that rainforests regulate rainfall, preserve biodiversity and store carbon.

Celebrities such as Vivienne Westwood, Joanna Lumley, Billy Connelly, Rod Stewart, Stephen Fry and Rory Bremner are actively supporting the campaign, which will culminate in meeting of NGO leaders, business directors and politicians hosted by Prince Charles in November.

"Rainforests are utterly essential in our fight against climate change. They absorb nearly a fifth of our carbon emissions and yet they are being destroyed at the rate of a football pitch every four seconds," Prince Charles said in a video message.

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Sep 29, 2009


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Sep 29, 2009

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