Interview: AOL WEBCHAT (2002)

January 09, 2002

The following transcript is of a webchat that Sting did in January 2002 with AOL...

Sting took part in a web-chat with fans on the AOL UK network on 21 January 2002. Here is the full transcript of the chat.

UKMC 2: Ok. lets get things started. Sting, you just won a Golden Globe. how was your day!?

Sting Live: I had a good day, I wasn't expecting to win, it was the 3rd time I'd been nominated, I'd been the bridesmaid twice and I would have been quite happy to be the bridesmaid again, I was in the same category as Paul McCartney who is obviously a huge influence and I wouldn't have begrudged it to him at all but it was a great privilege to win last night.

UKMC 2: I censilk asks... what do you consider your proudest achievement?

Sting Live: Probably my family, I have six healthy, intelligent children and my beautiful wife and everything else is just cream on the cake. Second to that is a long career in a business where that is unusual and maintaining my equilibrium.

UKMC 2: EMIN3M4ME69 asks... Hi Sting I am a 16 year old girl who really loves your music especially 'Desert Rose' and I was just wondering what influenced you to write that song?

Sting Live: Interesting question, I read a lot of philosophy and there's an idea, an Islamic idea particularly in the sufi version of Islam about romantic longing being the same as philosophical or religious longing which intrigues me.

UKMC 2: Jazzyjessg asks... What is your personal favourite Police song, and what was your inspiration behind it?

Sting Live: It's very hard for me to choose a favourite song, they're all my children and like being asked to choose my favourite child, they're all related, probably my favourite song is the first one Roxanne.

UKMC 2: Bellbob10 asks... How do you manage to look so good for your age and how do you keep yourself looking so fit?

Sting Live: Well, one it's my job, two I was fortunate enough to have been an athlete when I was younger and I've always retained a regime of fitness.

UKMC 2: A question now from an AOL member in Brazil... Hi Sting, I'm a big fan. I know you like Brazil a lot and during your stay here last year for Rock In Rio 3 you travel a little with your family. What do you like most in Brazilian culture?

Sting Live: Aah, Brazilian culture is extremely rich in every field, its very much a frontier culture with elements of the old world and the new world in a very potent mix and that comes to the surface in music, in art, in religion. It's certainly a frontier country as regards the environment and is a vital interface between nature and human progress and the big question is can those two things be balanced.

UKMC 2: Staying on exotic places... Sweeytdreymz asks... Sting from one Geordie to another how much do you miss Newcastle and the surrounding area?

Sting Live: Last Saturday morning I went to a bar in New York and I watched Newcastle beat Leeds United and the bar was full of Geordies wearing black and white stripes and I felt very much at home and very proud of my team and although I don't think we'll win the championship this year I think we'll finish in the top 5 and that'd be very good.

UKMC 2: BuzbyC asks... Would you say you subscribe to any particular world faith?

Sting Live: No I don't, but for me faith is a very personal matter, and I have a respect for all faiths, but would find it difficult to proscribe that god is a Presbyterian, or Jewish or Catholic, I think God is bigger than all of that and I think that the world would be a safer place is people didn't try and claim God for their own particular club.

UKMC 2: EmmaBrit116 asks... Hi Sting! I'm 14 years old from Glasgow and I think you are a fantastic musician! You are my inspiration. I love music, do you have any tips for me?

Sting Live: Aah, I think if you love music you're already ahead of the game. People often ask me how do I suceed in music and I say music is its own reward whether you're playing to millions of people or just for yourself, music is equally significant.

UKMC 2: TASHAJAKE22 asks... Hi there if you could start your life again is there anything you would change?

Sting Live: No, I regard myself as an extremely fortunate man and to change anything would mean that everything could change, and that's not really a practical question.

UKMC 2: Stonerose69uk asks... Sting whose a better artist Bowie or Jagger?

Sting Live: Well, I mean they're both unique artists and extremely influential, they've both had long careers and you can't really compare them, and it's not my job anyway.

UKMC 2: Strgler asks about 'Ally McBeal...' did you enjoy working with Calista Flockhart?

Sting Live: I like Calista Flockhart very much, I didn't do any acting> with her, I did most of my scenes with Robert Downey Jr, but I did meet Calista and she's very enigmatic, extremely beautiful.

UKMC 2: HARJIT66 asks... Hiya, I was wondering your music is just as popular today as it was when you first came out how do you manage to still stay popular after all these years? Oh by the way I love your music.

Sting Live: Well, I think the key to it is to remain enthusiastic and curious about music I feel I've never stopped learning and I've never regarded myself as the finished product, and my greatest desire are that those that listen to my music are willing to make that journey with me.

UKMC 2: LORRAINECARTER1 asks... Which song do you wish you had written? And have you tried to rip whatever it is, off?

Sting Live: There are so many songs in the world that I love, I couldn't really pick one that I particularly would have liked to have written, there are 1000s. Obviously there are songs that have influenced you throughout your life and songs can be classified into various archetypes which may show similarities in terms of structure, in terms of melody, in terms of harmonic development but what you end up with is generally unique to yourself in that it's a little bit like the human face, which is made up of the same elements, two eyes, a mouth, a nose and two ears, and those elements seem to add up to infinite variety and it's the same in music.

UKMC 2: Davevicary240003 asks... Hi Sting my parents are really over protective and I was wondering what u did when u were a kid 2 get out of the house?

Sting Live: As a parent myself if I can approach this from the other angle, one of the most difficult things in the world is to let go, as your natural instinct is to protect children. The world is a dangerous place, at the same time you need to trust your children so that they can grow in confidence so really it's a two way street we're talking about, you have to realise that your parents are maybe overprotective becausethey love you, at the same time you have to learn their trust and that process may take a while. I think the best thing to do is just to talk about it and a arrive at a compromise.

UKMC 2: HLATIUM asks... My sister and I have noticed that you have been taking roles in films and TV lately. Our question is if you could take a part in any remake of an old film or TV series what would it be and why?

Sting Live: [Laughs] Well I don't have very many thoughts in that direction to be honest with you I only act very occasionally and I have very limited ambitions in that field so I don't know if I can answer that question.

UKMC 2: DBolam1231 asks... Did you ever expect to be a success. I think your brother is my mates milkman?

Sting Live: My brother is a milkman, just as my father was, in fact that's what I did for my early life too. My ambition was to be a musician and to earn a living as a musician and that would have constituted a success in my view, so I've probably succeeded beyond my expectations, but success is one thing and happiness is another, and happiness is more important.

UKMC 2: FunkyFenn looks to the future... Sting, who do you think is the 'hottest prospect" for contemporary music?

Sting Live: Oh boy, I don't know, this is something I don't consider myself an expert at there's some extraordinary talents out there.

UKMC 2: Last one tonight. Again, looking to the future, what are you looking forward to this year?

Sting Live: Over the next couple of weeks I'm singing a song at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, I'm performing at the Brit Awards in February where I believe I'm going get a lifetime achievement award, but that doesn't mean to say I'm going to stop.

UKMC 2: Final words for the fans?

Sting Live: I'd just like to say thanks for your questions, I hope I answered them to your liking. I appreciate your interest and it's a fascinating way to hear what people think.

UKMC 2: Thanks for taking part everyone. Sadly that's all we'e got time for. As you can imagine, Sting is a VERY busy man. Goodnight from everyone at AOL Live :)

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