Donal Hodgson wins Emmy for 'Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation'...

June 20, 2011

Congratulations to Donal Hodgson who has won a 'Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy' award for his work on the A&E Private Sessions programme which featured Sting at Red Rocks on the US Symphonicity tour last year. Donal, together with Production Mixers Blake Norton and Carlos Hernandez won the Emmy for 'Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation'.

Well done Donal!



Jun 18, 2011

''A musical feast with Sting... Sting did not need any embellishments on stage. The audience were won from the opening notes of the first song. Sting began strongly. The first sounds of one of his biggest hits "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" provoked a storm of applause with the audience singing loudly at the first chorus. With a standing ovation in the first rows of after the song, Sting for a moment gestured for fans to sit down. But he soon had to get used to such a reception, because the audience responded enthusiastically to almost every song throughout the two and a half hour concert...''

Jun 16, 2011

A decade into her career as a conductor, Sarah Hicks '93 had ''the first of two turning points.'' She was conducting a Minnesota Orchestra program featuring the group Pink Martini, the first pops show she'd ever done. Some classical musicians look at such work as slumming, but Hicks found it a revelation: ''I thought, ‘Wait a second. This is legitimate, well written, evocative. I'm having fun, the orchestra's having fun. What's not to like?''' Sarah Hicks interviewed in Harvard magazine